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Travis Scott Raps About Kylie Jenner On Justin Bieber Song 'Second Emotions'


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Check out this “Travis Scott Raps About Kylie Jenner On Justin Bieber Song 'Second Emotions'” video below:

Travis Scott sings about Kylie Jenner in Justin Bieber’s new song ‘Second Emotions’ on his ‘Changes’ album. Plus, Kim Kardashian reveals the first episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will be wild.
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What an amazing mother! Kim Kardashian, 39, took to her Instagram stories on Wednesday, February 12, to show off the lavish playroom that her four…..(read more)


  1. Woooow she called Kris out like everybody’s business. How she must feel when she’s cheated on her husband and now her daughters men are cheating on them

  2. Travis only want a baby w Kylie cause of who she is. She’s a billionaire and one of the most followed influencers in the world. He ain’t love her. Period.

  3. A bad example is is worse than no example. The way Tristen disrespects women is a bad example for sweet Trutru! He caves in to his lusts instead of overriding it to respect those he says he loves and honor his relationships. Anyone who keeps giving him chances is setting herself up for an unhappy life. Where there is no trust, love diminishes. Khloe, you are young and beautiful. Move on.

  4. Kylie is very sweet she was just insecure about the way she looked Kylie is fun loving and caring we love you Kylie she is just trying to be herself but it is hard

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