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Rob Kardashian Donates to Blac Chyna’s Assistant | Daily Celebrity News | Splash TV


Rob Kardashian won’t let his personal strife with Blac Chyna get in the way of helping during a time of need The reality TV star donated $10,000 to a GoFundMe campaign for his former love’s assistant after medical complications left her in a coma

Reports are coming in that the Lorena ‘Patty’ Hernandez, who worked as an assistant for Blac Chyna suffered a severe brain hemorrhage on December 18th while at Chyna’s Encino, California salon She was rushed to the hospital and placed in the ICU, where she has been stabilized Of course, Rob wasn’t the only one to donate to the cause Chyna’s ex, Tyga, whose real name is Michael Stevenson also donated a sizeable $5,000 We’re keeping our fingers crossed that everyone ends up okay

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