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Nipsey Hussle Bodyguard Retires After Eric Holder Faces Life In Prison


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Nipsey Hussle’s bodyguard reveals he’s retiring after the rapper’s passing. Plus, Congress member will make Nipsey’s philanthropic efforts know in US history.

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Shortly after a stampede broke out at the vigil for Nipsey Hussle on April 1, the authorities named a suspect in the shooting of the Grammy-nominated rapper and released his photo.

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  1. I dont know how you can speak on that man and keep a straight face. Goes to show you bloggers dont give a fuck about another nigga from the ghetto. All you give a fuck about is views. Bitch how do you sleep at night?

  2. Does anyone see a pattern here?Malcolm, king, pac, big, Tooky, those two guys in Chicago , and now nip. What did all these guys have in common ? Was it that they were trying to stop the violence? That they were bringing people together ? Or did they find out something that they were no supposed to.? They all had and have the power to stop the killing. What happens when the killing stops? What happens if donors don’t die? Or ammo doesn’t sell? Guns not bought? Who loses money ? They saying “ follow the money . Is what we should do

  3. I feel like I knew Nipsey it really hurts that he is gone his life was snatched from him over bullshit he didn't deserve this he was a beautiful handsome talented awesome loving kind successful amazing the king someone wanted to make a difference and to bring peace what was so wrong with that to take a precious life over Nipsey was very well loved and respected I don't understand this why do this to him and his family why. God gonna make sure he deal with this matter. There is a God for people that don't believe that we breathe because of God so he got this evil that went down with Nipsey murder and they are gonna pay for what they did to Nipsey rest in Nipsey there will be justice my baby

  4. I miss NIPSEY as many of us do, I didn"t know him personally but he has been so instrumental in my life via interviews, books, tips on success, entreprenuership, his music.. I am Grinding, Motivated, Dedicated, and will be Victory, i am starting to read the books and i constantly keep up on his investigation.. It's very suspicious as i keep watching all of the shady survelliance of the shooting.

  5. Where was u at u fat fuck wen yo job is to protect him inside job set up everyone watched the killer shoot several times noone did shit his own friends was in on it too thats why noone stepped in smh im sure someone had a gun on him and can fire at the killer but na u watch a killer take his time go back anf forth 5 times shoot and walk back shoot and walk back where was all the people that say they love him lol fake bitches

  6. I didn't even know NIPSEY and I live in St Louis but just to see how he was murdered in broad day light and he was taken from his kids and they are young his daughter understand the situation and she know he's gone and never coming back it's so heartbreaking and little Kross don't know what's going on except he don't see his dad no more it's got to be very hard on Lauren but she's going to be alright cause as she call him Hussle he's with you always ….#staystrong ….the Marathon Continue

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