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Mac Miller’s Friend Reveals How Ariana Grande Impacted His Sobriety | Hollywoodlife


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Check out this “Mac Miller’s Friend Reveals How Ariana Grande Impacted His Sobriety | Hollywoodlife” video below:

Mac Miller’s friend, Shane Powers, reveals says Ariana Grande was ‘deeply helpful’ in his journey to sobriety. #MacMiller #ArianaGrande

Ariana Grande is “trying to make sense” of her ex Mac Miller‘s tragic death from an apparent overdose. A source close to the singer told us EXCLUSIVELY how she’s holding up during this understandably difficult time. “He was there for her in her time…..(read more)


  1. people saying she killed him etc when they don't know shit about neither of them etc his really hypocrites but tho I guess some people just needs to have a face for their problem and instead of facing their problems will just hate on her it's okay tho guys… do so.. keep the hate… but remind to yourself! NEGATIVITY ATTRACKS NEGATIVITY.. hate will attracked hatred and negativity and the more you'll do it the more it'll be around you.. so yeah hate and despise her but you're not only hurting people but yourself becoming a bad person saying I don't trust her and don't believe her is one thing.. but blaming her for something u are entirely blind is another.. tho you can still apologies even if no one sees it that's a movement and you can still choose to stop it because you may not understand it but those toxic behavior impact the world what you comment etc is seen and it impacts people.. you want a better world? then start by becoming more mature and positive either way we are never gonna be in peace !

  2. people are fr so disgusting sometimes. Yall have ZERO idea what goes on behind the scene and just decide to hate on her? Fuck. You. No one, I repeat, no one, knows for sure anything happened. It is not your business, so for you to poke your nose into her love life and heartlessly adding onto her cope right now is sick.

  3. Do u really think mc miller is an addict? Nope, he had used to make an escape in case of depression or him making a great music for people. He was used to it since little, but overdosing? Why not he overdosed since back then when they were not in a relation yet. Its obvious guys, pains and difficulty of moving on and thinking his ex is engaged because of his fault, since we know mc miller is a selfless person. He would think all the blame on him and most of all he had lost a person he had truly loved a lot. If only Ariana, didnt get engaged yet for revenge at the same time for being practical. Its life, its all about choices. I can sense, until death Mc Miller still loves Ariana 🙂

  4. Not her fault but too have her move on and get engaged with pete not too long after her breakup with mac, I’m sure it tore him apart inside. He just never expressed it in public but through his latest music. Sad situation I’m sure Ariana already feeling some guilt. No need bring her down. Rip mac

  5. Arianas engagement i think might have hurt him n so he was like fuck it..shes all happy but no wat bout my ass…damn might as well do these drugs to minimize the pain plus i believe he was depressed anyway

  6. Shane Powers it's Adam Ethridge we have to talk with Nikki Bella John Cena Tom Holland Zendaya Jake Brown Kari Brown Joan Grande Ariana Grande Pete Davidson Olivia Munn Mel B Phil McGraw James Gorden Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Anna Kendrick Hugh Jackman Jennifer Lawrence Sophie Turner Alexandra Shipp Nicholas Hoult James McAvoy Tiffany Espensen Jacob Batalon Laura Harrier Chrissie Fit Rebel Wilson Hailee Steinfeld Niall Horan Lewis Tomlinson Zayn Malik Harry Styles Liam Payne Lauren Jauregui Camila Cabello Normani Ally Brooke Dinah Jane Frankie Grande Sofia Carson Sabrina Carpenter Bailee Madison Brenna D'Amico Cameron Boyce China Anne McClain Brandon Johnson Dove Cameron Bella Thorne Tana Mongeau Killer Keemstar Kadeem Hardison Tammy Townsend Kamil McFadden Veronica Dunne Trinitee Stokes Brie Bella Daniel Bryan Seth Rollins Booboo Stewart Fivel Stewart Sarah Jeffrey Jedidiah Goodacre Zachary Gibson Mitchell Hope Keegan Connor Tracy Dan Payne Tony Revolori Kara Royster Rick Fox Jasmine Guy Raven Symone Stefanie Scott Mary Mouser R Brandon Johnson Ainsley Bailey Adam Irigoyen Haley Tju Brianne Tju Victoria Moroles Trevor Jackson Skai Jackson Kiya Cole Odell Beckham Jr Spencer Baldman Miranda May Peyton List Karan Brar Kevin Quinn Noah Centineo Leo Howard Olivia Holt Piper Curda Austin North Sarah Gilman Aubrey Joseph Sierra McCormick Laura Marano Ross Lynch Calum Worthy Raini Rodriguez Madison Pettis Kira Kosarin Jack Griffo Ryan Newman Charlie Puth Paris Berelc Eminem and Jonathan Davis about The Zendaya And Tom Holland Dating Relationship Rumors Scandal that caused by Kari Brown and Sofia Boutella Making The Rumored Dating Relationship between Tom Holland and Zendaya Fake Relationship and Scripted Relationship For Their Movie Roles And TV Roles and also The Death Of Mac Miller if anyone of you Social Media Online Trolling Famous For Nothing Motherfuckers want to be talking shit to me all of you are going to be troll hunted

  7. I really believe he committed suicide… If you read his new album lyrics…
    It seems like the album was his suicide note.

    It's pretty unfair of him (If he really did intentionally plan on committing suicide) to do that to his family, friends, and fans. But without help or anyone caring.. I'm sure he felt like there was no hope left of living.

    He probably did take a bunch of drugs, disposed of whatever evidence of drug use, and then went home.
    That's probably why nothing was found at his house. He did it somewhere else.

    He probably did it then went home.. laid down.. listened to his suicide album.. stayed on his phone until the lights were out.

    He probably even told his friend to come the next day so that he could be found.

  8. Say what you want people but moving on to another relationship that quick and get engaged is not cool to a person that you use post pictures saying he was the love of your life but than you say the new dude is the love of your life lol poor Pete Davidson better bounce before he messes him up to because we also know that Pete suffers from mental disorders but all love to everyone but to the little girl please don’t play with people like that it seems so obvious that she has problems with relationships

  9. Thank God somebody has come out to say just how hard she tried to help him and how good she was to him. Haters will still blame her, because they gotta be nasty to someone or they explode… But real fans of Ariana AND Mac know the truth.

  10. I blame social media. All these celebs are the same they all sell there souls then corrupt our minds with bullshit news this and fake news that. Who really and truly gives a fuck what they say anymore because they lie so much its sad when we cant tell who's telling the truth they give us fake news its a distraction what about the people starving on the streets and kids getting kidnapped everyday its bullshit everyone's for themselves these days and its disgusting.

  11. i can't understand how people blame ariana for mac's death he didn't even suicided
    first of all if u blame ariana for mac's death u should know that ariana would have troubles and problems if she stayed with him so ariana saved her life and if she did not and killed herself would you blame mac?!?!?
    so yeah think about it
    second mac got over it obviously and he was working on his album and some new music
    i believe that mac was so normal that day but u know sometimes we just forget about ourselves so….

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