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Kylie Jenner Reacts To Ariana Grande's Engagement To Pete Davidson | Hollywoodlife


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Watch this “Kylie Jenner Reacts To Ariana Grande's Engagement To Pete Davidson | Hollywoodlife” video below:

Kylie Jenner reacts to Ariana Grande’s engagement to Pete Davidson. Plus – Pete’s ex Cazzie David reacts to his engagement.

No one saw this one coming! Ariana Grande, 24, and Pete Davidson, 24, are engaged, according to Us Weekly, which claims the the SNL star and the singer were telling everyone the good news at Robert Pattinson’s birthday party in Los Angeles on Saturday, June 9! “They…..(read more)


  1. To Africans watching video:

    American schools taught that Africa was poor. It wasn’t until I had a friend in hs who was from the motherland that set me straight. Can’t believe we were taught that so heavily

  2. Sorry I live in Africa and I can honestly say we have … loads of internet access. So like the bit that she said there was no internet or cell service is just a load of BS. Even if you at a Safari you still have internet thanks to Wi-fi

  3. This chick's sassiness is rude and not necessary and makes me not watch to watch this Chanel. Find someone who radiates positivity and doesn't throw disses out for no reason…

  4. Imao no internet in Africa….gurl first of all u need to take then baggy pits somewhere else smh…u live under a Rock and ur so ignorant lollllll talking about no internet in Africa you look like 4 Reeces pieces melted together imao

  5. okie, I understand what grandma is saying. but the people who are saying you can't stand pete is fucking annoying. I mean seriously just because hes marrying someone dosent mean all this hate. you should be fucking happy for them not all this negative shit, can people calm down for once and let them be happy. and if they do end up breaking up or getting a divorce than okie it happened, but it might not even happen. so please stop with y'all negative comments. please & thank you.

  6. Waaaaahhh…i cant even believe she said theres no internet in Africa… Am so sick and tired of Africa being stereotyped as some remote horrible area with no access to the outside world… Kindly get your facts right before saying anything because many people see and hear it…. And yes… There is internet in Africa… Its not the jungle y'all think it is

  7. She's too sexy for him… if it ends he's gonna be thinking about that pink for the rest of his life…. and go nuts trying to find someone to bang that's equally as fine.

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