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Kylie Jenner Cosmetics CEO Quits After Forbes Article Allegations


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Have a look at this “Kylie Jenner Cosmetics CEO Quits After Forbes Article Allegations” video below:

Kylie Jenner Kylie Cosmetics CEO seems to have quit. Plus, are Scott Disick and Kourntey Kardashian getting closer after his split from Sofia Richie? #KylieJenner #KourtneyKardashian #KimKardashian

Kim Kardashian released a long statement in response to the death of George Floyd, which comes amid nationwide outcry from the Black Lives Matter movement.

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  1. Just fuckin cancel them all already. The family is disgusting, literally living through publicity stunts and scandals to stay in the spotlight cause all you sheep are gullible enough to follow along. Do you think any of them care about you? No. They care about your dollars but not you. They want you to buy their products but they don't care to know your name. It all started with Kims sex tape, they get a show, Bruce turns into Caitlin and becomes woman of the year, Kims champagne butt picture, the Paris robbery scandal, Kim offering a million to whoever found her diamond earring that fell into the ocean, the weird baby names, Caitlin killed someone cause it decided to drive drunk but I guess all you obsessive sheep forgot about that, Kylie gets surgery, kylie fakes being a billionaire, then Khloe got a new face during quarantine because of course all of you are going to notice and talk about it and put them back in the spotlight. Be done with them already. They are disgusting!!

  2. Lol most of you hating on her not being a billionaire are not even nearly millionaires… instead of hating on her use your time to be the one posted by Forbes for being rich

  3. Kylie is the OWNER of the company. The CEO is not always the owner. CEO’s are basically the “big manager” and still report to the owner and shareholders. Not sure if she is still the owner though as she sold 51%.

  4. The title of this video says AFTER, but the actual story says BEFORE…not even the Youtube videos about Kylie Jenner adds up. I mean…NOTHING about her adds up.

  5. I’m not surprised the problem here is she and her mother could go to jail and honestly look at what happened to those folks who paid for there kids to go to a private college smh .. next thing you know her staff is gonna end up leaving as well . Listen there’s a whole lot of mess that’s either gonna be kept under wraps or it’s gonna be put out .

  6. For everyone who keeps saying I thought kylie was CEO. No. If you payed attention to news, kylie sold half of her company awhile back and became creative director therefore someone else became CEO. Its how it works in the business world.

  7. Listen you guys. You can own a company and employ someone else to become CEO. To run it for you. Entrepreneurship 101. Your comments are riddled with ignorance.

  8. Who actually cares if she's not a billionaire? She's rich af and has a golden life and is interesting to follow. I could care less how many zero's she has behind her.

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