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KSI Blasts Logan Paul For Contesting Rematch In New Video


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Watch this “KSI Blasts Logan Paul For Contesting Rematch In New Video” video below:

KSI does more of that Logan Paul slamming. Plus – Vitaly opens up about his scuffle with Bradley Martyn.
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The drama was at an all-time high as YouTube stars Logan Paul, 24, and Olajide “KSI” Olatunji, 26, took each other on in the ultimate boxing match. The pair faced off at Staples Center in Los Angeles in the highly anticipated event on Saturday, Nov. 9…..(read more)


  1. Ksi is a moron he would of did the samething he knows the ref did him wromg last night 2 points was took a way in a fight was Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield's ear off but your point penalty just didn't fit the crime especially when you look at the first fight KSI was taking cheap shot after cheap shot in one of the antenna lights for that wasn't going by penalty the ref even said he would appeal and we've done to correct it if he made a mistake ksi is just scared that they're going to overturn it

  2. I remember i use to visit hollywoodlife to see the life of justin bieber or other a list celebs. Now they have jumped on youtubers cuz they know thats where the money is

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