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    Keira Knightley, Jane Fonda and Celebrity Siblings Swarm Sundance


    Keira Knightley, Jane Fonda and Celebrity Siblings Swarm Sundance PARK CITY, Utah — Just a few weeks after a slew of A-list stars kicked off awards season with the launch of the Time’s Up anti-harassment campaign, movie stars including Keira Knightley and Idris Elba crowded into Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival 2018 Last year, the fest — held during President Trump’s inauguration weekend — took on a political tone

    Thousands of attendees and a splashy array of celebrities — including Charlize Theron, Chelsea Handler and Kristen Stewart — slogged through the snow at the Women’s March on Main, in solidarity with Women’s Marches around the world One year later, the mood at the Respect Rally in North City Park was decidedly more subdued — and a lot less starry (but equally snowy), a stark contrast to the high energy at the sister march in LA, where Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson helped draw a 500,000-strong crowd In Park City, amidst the falling snow and freezing rain, Jane Fonda, Common and Gloria Allred invoked the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, but roused a fraction of last year’s turnout

    An ebullient Fonda — introduced as “the un-introduce-able, the formidable, Jane f–king Fonda — cheered “Yay, Sundancers!” as she took to the stage “We’re still marching, we’re still protesting, and now we also have to organize,” encouraged the longtime activist, adding “Time’s up!” “She’s awesome,” a fan gushed of the age-defying 80-year-old, in town to promote HBO’s “Jane Fonda in Five Acts” documentary Defiant “Thor” star Tessa Thompson ignited the crowd with this: “We’ve come here again to say, ‘Mr Trump and all those like him, your time in power may not yet be up, but our time to stay silent is!’” Allred then stepped up to the white tented podium, declaring: “This entire year has been the winter of our discontent!” Sending a message in her bright red puffy jacket, she continued, “It’s also been the year of our awakening and awake we are!” The subject of Netflix’s “Seeing Allred” documentary, premiering at the fest on today, added, “This is the year that women’s voices have been heard, the year when women broke our silences about the injustices we have suffered, and the year we said to rich powerful, famous men, ‘You can break our hearts, but you cannot break our spirits!’” With the huddled hundreds, she led several “RIPE” chants, shouting “Resist, Insist, Persist, Elect” and declared that the movement had “reached the tipping point Common, who stars in Jennifer Fox’s thriller, “The Tale,” chimed in with a couple of verses of a song he recently penned, aptly entitled, “This Is the Day Women Took Over

    ” “Envisioning a world where women took over got me excited,” he said, much to the crowd’s glee “We need you more than ever to make this world better” While the sobering undertones were felt throughout the weekend, casts still gathered to celebrate a host of well-received feature films, shorts and television series with a series of cocktail parties, dinners and late-night concerts

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