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Justin Bieber Reveals Biggest Regret Before Marrying Hailey


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Have a look at this “Justin Bieber Reveals Biggest Regret Before Marrying Hailey” video below:

Justin Bieber opens up about his sex life and his accused of being rude to Hailey. Plus – Cardi B defends her father against new rumors.
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  1. Justin: I regret not waiting or keeping myself for marriage.
    Justin: I've always been in love with Hailey since I was 20 years old. She's the love of my life.
    The way he tries so hard to ERASE the history he has with Selena is telling! He didn't give himself time to heal emotionally before marrying Hailey. There's lot of mixed feelings going on with him n using Hailey as his "healer". Nobody moves on that fast after break up.

  2. I don't know if my thought about them are right or not but honestly speaking , I think Justin and selena truly love each other….. but both are confused people…. because of there confusing feelings , with them others are also suffering like hailey , Charlie…… if its continue like this none of them will gonna be happy in future…. sooner or later Justine and selena will be get together….. when that happens that time would be probably the best for there ex's…….¯_(ツ)_/¯ ( sorry for the long paragraph (┬┬﹏┬┬)

  3. I'm so tired of him and his regrets
    Ok you regret not waiting you can't change it so…move on and stop using it to get attention nobody wants to know
    Stop behaving like someone who is trying to make your exes feel bad but then again it Justin I think he is trying to do just that
    Mtcheewww…..I'm so tired of them and their drama
    Always looking for ways to make themselves seen

  4. since the day he mention he was never in love till he met H I loose my respect for him. His been petty to please H and prove their marriage is real which is not necessary period

  5. I'm all about showing off your love and embracing your wife but its every week to every post.
    Its come to the point where I feel like that's his new brand now. Nothing about his interest or projects just his wife… even his new music is all about and dedicated to nothing but his wife.. it's all I ever hear from him. I understand your married but that shouldn't define you as a person with no personality.

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