Celebrity & Pets Series: Yasminne & Hershey (Ep 05)

She's like Alicia Keys! Face so small but ass so big Hi guys! Ok, so, I've been seeing on Hershey, what's up? YouTube that there's been this intelligence test going around So I've never done it So I thought we'll try it and we can do it together! It's not how intelligent I am, just for the record ok Cause we know that, no, I'm just kidding It's how intelligent my dog is This is Hershey by the way To be honest I don't think she's that intelligent Ok, she's not stupid But, I don't think she's that intelligent Anyway, so Here's the first test I'm supposed to put a towel over her head And see how long it takes before she flips it off Hershey, are you ready to do the test? Can you ace it? Make mummy proud ok? Make mummy proud! I don't want you to – I've got nothing to say Ok, you're not getting your treat until you do this test ok? Ready? Hang on~ Does that work? No Ok, let's do it again Yes! (Three seconds!) How many seconds? (Three seconds) Three seconds! Very good! The longer you take, the less intelligent your dog is Ok, not too bad, not too bad, well done, good job! Ok! Second test! I'm going to hide this treat Under this towel And time how long it takes before she gets it Can you stop it? Told you she was greedy right? See? This is proof! Ok Rea-stay! Stay! Ready Go! Oh no! She got it! (12 seconds) 12 seconds But hmm Could have done better but that's ok~ I'll love you even if you're not so smart Ok? Ok now! The third test! One Two Three I am going to put it in No The first one No! The first one Come on – no! Come on! Ok, she's reluctant to leave I will have to grab her! We'll be back in 30 seconds We're back! Hershey! Go! Where is it? Tadah, she knows! You know why? This is all treats related So she's going to score very well Good job, good job! You're going to show everybody all your tricks now? See? This is why I say I don't think she's very intelligent at first Because even without a treat, I can trick her into doing things Hershey! Sit! Paw paw? No, not yet! Paw paw? Give me your paw paw? Paw paw? Paw paw? Oh, she knows there's none left So she's like, nope, nope, no paw! Paw paw? Ok, one more trick, hang on, let me get my duck Hey~ This is Hershey's favourite duck It gets really wet It gets really gross Here you go! Shake shake? Shake shake? Shake shake? Shake shake Such a violent dog as well Quack quack Good girl! Mummy loves you! Hershey and I want to say "thank you!" for watching the video And if you want to see more videos like this Click here! And don't forget to subscribe as well! Click here! And~ Follow me on social media! Say bye! Byeeeeeeeee!!!

Source: Youtube