CELEBRITY NEWS:Lady Gaga’s emotional breakdown plea: ‘I’m alone every night…total silence’

Lady Gaga's emotional breakdown plea: 'I'm alone every nighttotal silence' GETTY SUPERSTAR: Gaga appears to be struggling with fame The pop superstar will release an access all areas documentary for Neflix In a teaser posted to her Instagram account, Gaga can be heard sobbing on the phone to her pal I’m alone Brandon, every night, she cries

And all these people will leave Right? They will leave GETTY WORKING HARD: Gaga is currently on tour And then I will be alone Not stopping there, she continued: I go from everyone touching me all day

and talking at me all day to total silence For the rehearsals, for the planning, for the day — and I look back on that day and I remember it, but I’m really sorry I was f***ed up at her wedding because she deserved a sober maid of honour” It was widely reported Gaga was smoking up to 15 marijuana joints a day in part to help her with crippling pain she suffered due to a hip injury GETTY OPENING UP: Gaga has filmed a documentary for Netflix Gaga previously revealed how she turned to drugs at the hight of her fame

Chatting during her artRAVE tour in Sheffield, she explained: Ive been friends with Bo for 20 years but when she got married I was her maid ofhonour I was going through a really hard time and I was high and I was f***ed up throughout her whole wedding GETTY FLASHBACK: Gaga has enjoyed a decade in the industry GETTY SUPPORT: Gaga said Elton saved her Revealing how Elton John helped her calm her addictions, she continued: Its pretty messed up being friends with people who used to have drug and alcohol problems, like Elton

He got me on the straight and narrow He was telling me: ‘Gaga, you’re smoking too much’ He saved me

Source: Youtube

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