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    Celebrity Big Brother’s Dapper Laughs under fire again for crude joke about Ashley James


    Celebrity Big Brother's Dapper Laughs under fire again for crude joke about Ashley James Celebrity Big Brothers Dapper Laughs, aka Daniel OReilly, has come under fire again for comments made about Ashley James In last nights episode, Daniel was seen in the sauna with Jonny Mitchell and Andrew Brady, as the trio discussed which CBB girl they would most like to bang

    Look if you had to pick Ashley, Jess or Malika which one would you go for? To hook up with – for one night, Daniel asked Jonny and Andrew opted for Ex on the Beachs Jess Impiazzi, with Andrew explaining: Looks wise – Jess Shed be my wifey, wouldnt she I dont know, theyre all fit, man Id bang them all

    Dapper added: For one night, I reckon Ashley She looks like she knows to handle herself Thats all Im saying Andrew then asked: Why would you only have her for one night, though? Youd have to recover after that Youre not going to put a great performance in, Dapper replied Obviously, viewers werent particularly impressed with lad chat, with one commenting on Twitter: Daniel is doing himself no favours Vile

    Daniel totally disrespecting his gf there on the tele Nice one #CBB, another wrote, while others felt Daniels behaviour was crass and repellent I feel like Daniel went in to change his image but everything hes doing/saying is working against that goal, another viewer remarked

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