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Brad Pitt Refuses To Talk About Kids After Oscar Win & The Video Is Awkward


Newest video release regarding
Check out this “Brad Pitt Refuses To Talk About Kids After Oscar Win & The Video Is Awkward” video below:

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner pregnant according to new reports from Just Jared & US Weekly. Plus, Brad Pitt reacts to questions about his kids and the video is awkward.

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There’s another Bonus Jonas on the way! Actress Sophie Turner, 23, is reportedly pregnant, according to Just Jared. This would be the first child for the Game of Thrones star and her husband…..(read more)


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  2. Very awkward. He is afraid to talk because he may not have them any time soon. That's his right not to share personal info. And he looks very different. What is up with the perpetual smile? Handsome handsome man but had work done. I doubt that smile is because he isn't with his wife. And I don't think they are even divorced. They are taking a time out.

  3. GUYS COME ON nothing is confirmed! Neither joe or sophie said this is true and it’s their choice to say so IF they’re actually expecting. So sad that that chance got taken from them

  4. If I was Married to Joe Jonas in my future, We would have kids together and we will live happily ever after. I don’t believe this news already, Joe or Sophie didn’t even announce this news out to The Public

  5. for Joe's and sophie jonas's kid if it's a boy u could be James Jerry after her brother and his brother or it could be for a girl it could be Belinda leslie cause Belinda is Sophie's middle name and I think leslie goes good with it or another name for a girl I think joe would like this its Mary Jane

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