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Beyonce Accused Of Being A Witch By Former Drummer | Hollywoodlife


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Beyonce is accused of ‘extreme witchcraft’ by her former drummer Kimberley Thompson. Plus – Kanye is trolled by Beyonce & Jay Z according to fans. #Beyonce #Jayz #Kanye

Beyonce‘s former drummer, Kimberley Thompson, requested a temporary restraining order against the “Apeshit” singer, as she claims Queen Bey subjected her to “dark magic,” “extreme witchcraft,” and “magic…..(read more)


  1. The sad fact is that people have become so brainwashed that they don’t believe this type of thing is real, or possible. The reality is it’s VERY REAL. Not saying that it is in reference to Beyoncé, specifically, but that as a general, yes, there are people who practice witchcraft; both dark and light. Technically, they may say there’s a difference since, as an example, those who practice light don’t utilize sacrifices of living beings, but the fact is, if you believe God and His words, both are forbidden as they utilize “supernatural methods to affect a change and/or control another being.”

    So, it’s up to you and your beliefs, but witchcraft is very real and, in the wrong hands, can be extremely dangerous. Sadly, the world we live in today, where people are so easily controlled and manipulated by things, people and media around them, so de-sensitized to matters that are “outside the norm,” and (as part of brainwashing) believe that anything different or outside of what they believe to be “normal” are labeled as “conspiracy theorists” so people shut down and don’t listen. Little do most know that the term, and what “conspiracy theorist” means, was invented and applied by the CIA back during the Kennedy assassination, when people were thinking that the CIA might have been involved. To shut this down, divert people and make others discount anything they said, the CIA called anyone or anything they wanted shut down as a “conspiracy theory.”

    So, word to the wise, if someone’s saying something different from what you know & they’re automatically labeled as this…take heed; if you desire to know, research. Don’t simply listen to the people on either side, the media, news, etc. because quite frankly, most are corrupted. If the public knew, really KNEW even half of what was going on behind-the-scenes and the control being exerted by very powerful & wealthy people to make significant changes in our world…they wouldn’t be out on the streets acting like tools for the cause (BLM, ANTIFA, etc.); rather, if they hit the streets, it would be to demand those controlling our world be held accountable.

    Unfortunately, these people have been at this for DECADES, starting with our kids, manipulating them to believe and behave in a certain way (just like in school, when the bell rings in-between classes. Ever wonder why any bell needs to ring? Look into Pavlovs dog & you’ll learn what this does to the brain). Ever wonder why the streets are filled with mainly (what is known as) Generation Z? Ever wonder why they’re called Generation Z, in particular? The LAST letter? Ever wonder why this age group seems so radical? And that’s not to say there are not older people out there, but they are in the severe minority. It’s because this generation is the first where “they” have been able to implement their plan of full control, through all sources (media, social media, movies, games, etc.) from early childhood on. And look at the results.

    Sadly, these kids (and yes, they are still kids) have no idea how they’re being used as tools. And they have no idea that, in true Marxist fashion, when things really amp up, the tools are the first who are taken out. Too much risk for the leadership if some, or even one, know too much and crudely put, they’re dispensable. Tools to be used and discarded when no longer needed. All I can do is pray that they start to wake up…before it’s too late. Come Christmas, we will know. May God bless all those on the side of light. ❤️

  2. After watching "Black is King", which is beautiful by the way, I believe this. If you listen to the lyrics about charging crystals by moonlight, and watch some of the images she uses, it looks Wiccan. I don't think Beyonce is the only one evolved in it, I think most of Hollywood is. That's why they end up going crazy.

  3. This drummer isn't the first to accuse Beyoncé of being a witch. Before this incident, one of her all-girl band musicians came out accusing her of exactly the same thing, claiming Beyoncé killed her cat with a spell after threatening to do so, she failed to get her restraining order against Beyoncé in court & Hollywood media news did report it back then tho in a scoffing, ridiculing way as would be expected. Of course it sounds mad but if your going to accuse your employer of something derogatory for whatever reason, who in their right mind would choose witchcraft in this day & age of media-manufactured unbelief, if they wanted to be taken seriously. That alone makes me think there's something in that story & why i believe it more than if she had said "she sexually abused me" or something more usual for these days. The above coupled with the fact that Witchcraft still exists since the first ancient cities like Babylon, & in Sumerian's & Egypt revelled in baby-scarifying to Moloch style of the worst witchcraft, despite what media & secularists will have you believe, it's never gone away, shops in every city (in the free-world) have sold paraphernalia for practising all forms of black magic, wicca, (it's all black) voodoo etc etc for many decades (look down Portobello Rd & other low-rent streets in London. Plus, the church of satan is either the 2nd or 1st (it varies) fastest most growing belief or religion system today in the U.S. plus the interest in occultism is escalating fast worldwide now ….all the above is why i believe there's something behind these witchcraft accusations

  4. With all the chaos happening in the year 2020 (it’s no coincidence), don’t die without being saved, eternity awaits.
    Do you know for certain where you’d spend eternity after this life? Heaven or Hell?
    1. The bad news. We are sinners. (Romans 3:23). We deserve to be punished in hell for our sins.
    2. The good news. Jesus Christ who is God’s Son died on the cross for your sins. He was buried & rose again to give you eternal life in heaven as a free gift. (1 Corinthians 15:3-4, Romans 6:23)
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    Enter the narrow way (Matthew 7:13) and trust in him alone, sadly most people rely on their own works to save them because of the false works based salvation gospels that Satan has implanted amongst humanity since the beginning. Jesus IS the narrow way, not a strict “righteous” pathway of lifestyle, because we ALL fall short, ALL our righteousness are as filthy rags. (Isaiah 64:6)
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  5. Yeah they drink blood eat people it’s disgusting these Hollywood people just read Alistair cralley he was a satanist everything these people do they learned he was a huge satanist it’s disgusting

  6. This is scary believable.. To look at Beyoncé, you can get an extreme uneasy feeling from her. Her eyes look hollow and unkind- like she’s staring through your soul. She’s also used a lot of back masking and hidden messages in her songs over the years.

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