Xiaomi bluemi X1 | New series of Smartphone by Xiaomi

hey what's up guys xiaomi x1 is a new smartphone with a bezel-less display that could be launched soon according to leaks coming out of China however as with all xiaomi leaks there is some confusion over whether redmi pro 2 and xiaomi x1 are two different smartphones according to post from the webo xiaomi is working on a new x1 smartphone the post on webo xplains the xiaomi x1 smartphone will run the qualcomm snapdragon 660 Processor and have a 55 inch fullscreen and sony dual cameras set up the post claims xiaomi x1 will come with a rear fingerprint and three point five millimeters headphone jack and there will be a four gigabytes ram plus 64 gigabytes storage version along with six gigabytes plus 128 gigabytes storage version the post also claims redmi pro 2 might not be launched since the phone didn't really do so well for xiaomi xiaomi x1 will launch this month the miui 9 and it will come along with me 6 plus as usual all via me related smartphone rumors need to be taken on the pinch of salt thanks for watching if you have any questions please comment us and don't forget to Like share subscribe

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