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    wilov – l'assurance auto à l'usage 100% sur Smartphone


    Do you own one or more cars? Of course, you hold it, and most importantly, you hold your loved ones That's why you take car insurance! But, car insurance is expensive and complicated

    Why pay year round if you do not drive every day? Discover wilov, auto insurance in use, without commitment, and 100% on smartphone! At wilov, car insurance is simple: answer 6 questions, and get a rate in 2 minutes With wilov, you are insured year-round, in all risks, with assistance even at home With our connected badge you pay: a monthly fee, which covers you against stop claims, plus: a 24h package only driving on the days you drive Inside a driving day, you can make as many trips and kilometers as you want! Subscribe in 10 minutes from the application We take care of everything : you will not have any paper to send, and we terminate your old insurance for you

    Of course, wilov is without commitment 🙂 Do not wait, join the wilovers community right now!

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