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Video Marketing With Your Smartphone – Create Your Own Content.


So, we regularly see people creating video content with their smartphone for their business Which we think is great! We're behind you all the way

This is why we've put together a tutorial which runs every Friday at 10 o'clock in the morning for two hours which will take you through how to use your smartphone correctly to create good effective quality content I'm using my phone actually to make this video right now See, the thing is a lot of people seem to forget that perception is everything If you wrote a blog and you didn't check the spelling and grammar' and put it up there and expect people to take you seriously I'm sorry but you're an idiot The same thing if I was to meet you in a networking do and I was to give you my business card and it was a piece of A4 paper, badly printed and cut out with scissors would you take me seriously? I very much doubt it! So, if you do want to start creating content using your smartphone

then book on using the link above to our tutorial and then basically we'll see you on Friday

And if you want to know anything about using your smartphone to film or video marketing in general then give us a call we're happy to help

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