top 4 best smartphones under 3000 & 4000

Hello friends Toh how App Welcome Where do my youtube channel i The name Techz and Gmer might have come Ajj this video I Ajj I Appako 4 assey sasate phone baataunga Which is under three thousand might have come Now let's start If my app The channel on the new Toh Plz My Cannle're still Suskribe Plz Toh Ckiye We have to go now Google pe Google Pay Once We have to type it on Amazon Where do you see the blue line Skteha Vhpe typing us Amazon Toh we turn it on search on Amazon Toh friends this option to pay Installing Ayege App Whether it might have been installed from the Play Store credit to Te But I Amazon it online O To see app I have Do not tell more details about this venture to friends App Lijiyega own Czech After I DESCRIPTION I link this Link Deduँga Toh is now open Horha Toh this has been happening on Open Toh We see by this slide feet It Dekiyeyaः on these three which He Bhot cheap See Te we will C

Morey Kerr I for Appake Add then held by Kurt Toh These Panasonic rate thoda Bdagya's Friends Toh This These 4000 Around've done Friends 2000 Kla 2099 nahi

2899 ka tha Ajj Look rate this much Bdagya 3499 The 4000 ke ass pass hogaya

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