#StepOut von Stella: Smartphone-Junkie

Surprise! Oh God! Ariane her daughter Stella signed up for a #StepOut out of their comfort zone She and three colleagues from Stella helped us, implement these surprise

But why? I have Stella, signed in #StepOut because I thought that would be a cool idea to get her out of their comfort zone It bugs me for some time that she masturbates so much with the phone As we know Stella, she will never give her phone voluntarily She's always on the phone – on holiday, on trips, at parties What annoys you the most because it is constantly on the phone? That they no longer perceive real life

It is like being in another world with their phone and what is happening around them, they do not get with That is too bad Now she comes And off you go! -Hello -Hello! Can you give me just a little help? I'm a bit late

Yes, of course, with such a fine meal Do you recharge your mobile phone here? Yes gladly That you must never take the case, who has a lot more calories than the other Oh, Mama! We know that Stella has no plan of it, that we all sit down here in her basement And that it is not as fresh and happy in telling and we can see everything on the screen and listen in

Hey, what you write there? Lest times before Hey, you've had a good day today? I have realized that I am very much on the phone, especially on Instagram After that we wrote her Whatsapp messages My boss offered me a weekend with various offers, where you no longer can use the phone for a few days Do you think I should do that? My Oberstiftin did that also and it was still hot

but I'm a lot more on the phone than they do I know that it is a special idea, but it would surprise me if we would make it, do without cell phone What was funny: She said she had received messages but then had no desire to write back Yes, all full I have no desire, as reply to all

Show me what write it? If I even want to do a cell phone Challenge and intention to deliver my phone Surprise! Oh God! When we got up and saw her face, that was really a priceless moment It looked really the shock in her eyes And then behind us a camera crew with strangers, she has never seen that just come out of her basement Coop Karma I have signed up for a challenge

You should get out of your comfort zone The challenge is that you hand your phone for two days Two days? The only thing you have to do is to put your mobile phone in there Look, we do it well If you accept this challenge, then we all go together two days into wellness weekend in Scuol – all together

-Okay, we do! -Now it's your decision But that's no bullshit right? This is quite sure? For sure, 100% -Your not lying to me? -No So I thought it would have to consider longer – definitely I was quite surprised that she immediately said, "Yes, okay" So it's with some objections, but that they are so fast it would put in the safe, I would not have thought

-This is so long! -Good -I you rich that -Thanks! So cool! Yes, please, from us I was really surprised You came there simply pure and I would have never expected

Yes, I liked it well But in the beginning you just a huge shock and you do not even realize what just happened Thank you very much, I'm really happy It is certainly very cool Well then, do go

You're welcome and have fun! Thank you very much, mega cool! Bye!

Source: Youtube