So koppeln Sie Ihr Smartphone mit SYNC 3 | Ford Schweiz

Improve your connection Pair your phone with SYNC 3 To make calls and use other SYNC 3 features, you need to pair your phone Here's how to proceed First, check that the contact is set the car must be in neutral and the parking brake applied Activate the Bluetooth® of your phone

Tap "Phone" in your settings menu Tap "Pair a phone" You can also press "Voice commands" to ask SYNC 3 aloud: "Pair a phone" It will ask you to look for SYNC 3 on your device Once you have found it, select it

HELPFUL HINT If your phone supports Simple Secured Pairing, the number that appears on your phone is the one on the screen Just confirm it Then, tap "Pair" on your phone Then press "Yes" You can also enter the four-character code that appears on your phone's screen

then press "Pair" You will see the message "Successfully paired" on the screen Finally, if Ford SOS is not yet set up, the system will ask you if you want to activate it

It is done Your phone has been paired successfully with SYNC 3 Questions? Consult the owner's manual or contact your Ford dealer, he will be happy to help you

Source: Youtube