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Smartphone Whiteboard Lecture / Virtual Office Hours on Zoom


all right I am going to show you a sort of low-tech way that you can use your smart phone and your laptop with a webcam to do lecture notes or office hours virtual office hours you might be thinking when I write on the whiteboard or chalkboard in the classroom I am I'm teaching like I am chemistry or math and I'm using a lots of symbols that aren't easily translatable to doing on the computer and so and then you might be thinking well I don't have a tablet or a surface or anything like that that I can use to do that online but if you have a smart phone and a pad of paper and a pen not you can make this work so what you're going to do is go to zoom dot US and create your account start hosting your meeting like you are here like you can see I'm doing and then you're gonna go to your app store and you're going to download the zoom cloud meetings app on your phone and when you do that it allows you to enter the same meeting twice so I've now hosted a meeting and now I'm going to click join meeting on the app and I'm going to select down there where it says don't connect to audio so that way I won't have audio two different times but I'll leave the video on and I'm going to click join meeting and when I do that you will see that there it there I am on the smartphone so I'm in there twice but what I'm gonna do on the smartphone then is I'm going to you'll notice well I guess can't see that way you'll notice that there is an icon on your screen to switch the camera to the back so now I'm looking at the camera on the back so here I am sharing my screen with you from my smartphone and what I'm going to do now well let's just show it to you this way you're going to setup the smartphone in some way that it's over a piece of paper what you're gonna write on with your pen and I'm going to do that with this ring stand that I borrowed from work but you could just do it on a stack of books or using a tripod or a selfie stick or something like that your students when they do this will be able to pin this by clicking the three dots in the upper right hand corner they can pin that to the screen so they don't have to see all of the other people who are in the zoom meeting and then you can do your notes online just on paper so when you're using symbols or things that you would normally do on the chalkboard and you can't figure out a way to do on the computer this is a pretty low-tech way you probably already have the materials to do this this is quite legible especially if students fill their screen with it you can be in in the room twice

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