Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A8

Guys, look how cool this Galaxy A8 smartphone from Samsung Come with me, I'll show you all about him! But first, it subscribes to my channel, so you do not miss anything about technology

Ready? So be it! Let's start by talking about this design here, its 56 "screen brings an infinite display Wow, this gives you more space to see your images, videos and play a lot Cool huh? And yet, you can unblock it, since it comes with biometric reader in the part the back of the device And you know what I think is cool? Is that the front camera is double, that way you will take many selfies and photos with friends and will win a shower of likes on social networks

Not to mention that you can apply a beauty effect, before the click, to leave your picture even more beautiful Then you just adjust the dynamic focus, and if you want, you can also blur the Image Good right? And people, even in dark environments, you can make an image of the time! After all, your rear camera captures sharp, well-detailed photos on any environment But what if I told you that even in the pool you can take that trend photo? Of course yes! After all this smartphone was made to last underwater, in one and a half meters deep, for up to thirty minutes Besides, of course, to survive on a rainy day more easily, right? Oh, and you can still keep your photos of them from the pool, from day to day and Internal memory of the phone, since it has enough space, see? But if you still want to increase with a microSD card

It also comes in different colors Just choose the one that most matches your style! Phew, enough is not it? Enjoy and get the Extended Warranty, which guarantees the repair or even the exchange of your product if it proves defective after the factory warranty period In my YouTube channel you will find unboxings, product reviews, comparatives, tutorials and everything to make the technology uncomplicated

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