Smartphone mit rotierender Kamera – Samsung Galaxy A80 im Test | CHIP

The Galaxy A80 is Samsung's first smartphone with a rotating camera But is this really a practical feature or rather senseless bells and whistles? We had the 600 Euro mobile phone in our test lab

One thing has to be said: The A80 makes something really optical Okay, there's plastic on the back instead of glass and the new Galaxy is light not exactly synonymous – but the Full HD Plus display can really see The screen is 67 inches tall and has no recesses Thanks to the OLED panel, the contents are also super-bright and high-contrast

You should also have no problems outside, because the display is super bright under sunlight becomes It also has an integrated fingerprint sensor, but without ultrasound technology The real highlight is the camera It can drive out of the housing and rotate 180 degrees So you do all the photos with just one setup

This consists of a 48-megapixel wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens In addition, there is a third Time of Flight Camera, with her the bokeh effect also live Can apply video recordings Otherwise, only the Galaxy S10 5G For videos there is a "Super Steady Mode", the really well stabilized videos makes Unfortunately, the picture quality deteriorates

Incidentally, you can also rotate the camera during video recording – the but does not work in stable mode Overall, the photos are quite neat in good light The test shots show many details and natural colors In the low light structures are extremely lost and the noise increases There are already worlds between the Galaxy S10 and the A80

A bit of a pity is that the flash and autofocus in front camera mode is easy do not work And what about the performance? Thanks to a Snapdragon 730 and 8 GB of RAM, it is at a very good mid-range level Sure, the graphics performance is not quite as blatant as with high-end devices, but everyday Applications are super fluid The battery life is ok with about nine and a half hours and should be loose for a day After half an hour, the A80 is half full again, a complete one Charging then takes about 2 hours – that's great

Wireless is not possible Also on a jack, stereo sound and official water protection you have to do without All in all, the A80 is a solid smartphone But you do not need to buy it for the rotating camera Here you already get the S9 a much better photo quality

Source: Youtube