Smartphone LG K11+

Hi people! In this video, I bring the news of the LG K11 Plus We will see? But first, enjoy and subscribe to my channel

It's quick! Well, for starters, the K11 + processor is an Octa-Core that, along with 3GB of memory RAM offers great performance for most Play Store apps The good thing is that you can open multiple apps at the same time that, even gives an account of the message And the best still is that the screen is HD and has 53 " A great size to enjoy your videos and games on your phone Not to mention the 13MP rear camera to take great pictures

And as it has super-fast focus, clicks are easier to do and you do not run the risk of getting those shaky photos, you know? The front camera, the highlight is Portrait Mode With it, you give a professional touch to your selfies, leaving the background blurred Very cool! And without this lack of memory to save everything, see? The K11 + comes with 32GB of internal memory and supports 2TB cards Guys, two TERA! It's a lot of space! Oh, it also has fingerprint sensor to authenticate payments and unlock the without a password And another thing that draws a lot of attention is the sound quality

This is because it has multidimensional audio technology used in movie theaters and spreads the sound throughout the environment I loved this! And if you liked it too, take the opportunity to sign up for my Youtube channel Every week I post cool content on the latest technology Until the next video!

Source: Youtube