Samsung Galaxy X : The Incredible Foldable Smartphone ● Tech News ● #TECH

Samsung is thought to be first in line to introduce a foldable smartphone Dubbed unofficially as the Samsung Galaxy X, it could cost up to $2,000

The Samsung Galaxy X has long been rumoured to be the first foldable smartphone Now sources suggest the smartphone will begin its production in November 2018 and be unveiled at the beginning of 2019 Samsung filed for a trademark on the name ‘Galaxy X’ back in 2017 This is why many believe that this will be the name of the new foldable phone According to The Korea Times, Samsung confirmed that it was currently in the process of developing a foldable smartphone at an earnings conference

For nearly $2,000, you may be able to get a foldable smartphone with three screens Jang-yeol added that the Galaxy X will feature a 73-inch OLED display Once folded, the device will reduce to just 45 inches

According to MSN, Park Hyung-woo, an analyst at Shinhan Financial, believes that mass production of the smartphone will begin in November 2018 This will be followed by a launch at the start of 2019 Pocket-link has added that Samsung may only release a limited quantity of the Galaxy X models so they can gauge the market reaction before producing too many It is thought that somewhere between 300,000 to 500,000 Galaxy X’s will be made, to begin with However, it seems that Samsung is more concerned with creating a world-first

They are focused on being the first to make a foldable smartphone rather than thinking about how it sells If Samsung can pull off a quality mobile product that is both foldable and successful, it is expected that other smartphone manufacturers will attempt to create their own foldable smartphone

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