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Roodle – wie Social Media nur auch ohne Smartphone!


Hi! This is Jennifer, Nico, and Adrian and we are the founders of Roodle Nico: on March 10th, my grandmother moved into a home for the elderly Four days later, we received the shocking news that I suddenly cannot visit her for the next few weeks The only way to communicate with her is over the telephone, since she does not have a smart phone

What if Nico's grandma could have her own newsfeed, but printed out and delivered in the mail? Jennifer: Many other people cannot visit their family at this time at the moment we have isolation, quarantine, and social distancing required How do we share experiences with people without video chat or social media? Enter Roodle! Just download the app, and create a new Roodle for your family, or your friends! Then you can invite other members with a special code All members can share photos and written updates with each other You decide who finds the magazine in their mailbox: Dad, Grandma, your favorite aunt, or all three! You can send it once, or as a subscription: however you want! You can follow how your feed fills up in real time What you create digitally together, is only visible to your Roodle and not the whole world Of course you can also invite anyone you want into your Roodle Happy Birthday Grandma! We're training for cross country next year! Sending all our love! Hi Mom, I'm working on my digital lesson planning This means I'm working on my computer at home and the students will also work off their computers Roodle is not only for the Corona crisis There are so many other things we want to share Weddings, The next vacation with your friends, Our children, as they grow up In short, the things that are really important in life The possibilities with Roodle are endless and when we can finance it, we even plan to put videos in the magazine! We had this idea already, But now my grandma, myself, and probably you too, are experiencing what it is like to be lonely we need you to be part of the solution

Join Roodle and help us make this vision a reality In order to make the app available as quickly as possible we are relying on your support! Choose a Thank-You from over here on the right to help leave something positive in the wake of Corona and attack loneliness together in Roodle Thank you!

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