Primeiro smartphone da Huawei no Brasil terá câmera melhor que as do Galaxy S9 e iPhone X

First Huawei smartphone in Brazil will have better camera than the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X In partnership with Positivo, Huawei will do its re-screening in Brazil with the P20 Pro, triple camera smartphone and Leica expertise Huawei, the world's third-largest smartphone maker, has upgraded its Brazilian site

Now, it displays three smartphones, in pages in Brazilian Portuguese One of them is confirmed as the first to be released in the country In early June, Huawei announced its return to the Brazilian market in partnership with Positivo Tecnologia The three handsets are the P20 Pro, P20 Lite and Nova 2i According to Huawei's advice, only the P20 Pro – the best and most expensive of them – has already been released in the country

The update of the site and the presence of the other two models would have occurred "for unknown reason"; they are not confirmed Positivo's office said it had no information on the matter the Huawei P20 Pro stands out for its triple camera, developed in partnership with Leica In several evaluations and international comparisons, such as the DxOMark, it was considered superior to the Galaxy S9 + and iPhone X, the main (and most expensive) smartphones for sale in Brazil The other specifications of the P20 Pro are in line with the major smartphones available in the market

It has a 61-inch OLED screen and a chip called "NPU", dedicated to artificial intelligence, which, among other things, detects and reconfigures in real time various camera settings according to the element in focus The P20 Pro is now available in China, the United States, Canada and several countries in Europe, where its suggested price is € 900 – about R $ 3 900 in direct conversion The other two smartphones have not yet confirmed

They are the P20 Lite, a smaller and simpler variation of the P20 Pro, and the Nova 2i, with intermediate characteristics Despite the negative of the advice, Adam Ersong, Huawei's handsets business development director in Brazil, previously said that Huawei's second smartphone in the Brazilian market should be one of the Nova line Huawei's Brazilian site does not report pricing or availability date, but the company has already said that the P20 Pro should be released between August and September Positivo will import, distribute, sell and support Huawei handsets

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