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    PARKOUR CHALLENGE with Smartphone Gimbal


    yo guys welcome to my new video today I will test the new Zhiyun Tech Smooth X Smartphone Gimbal And I will try the challenge to film a cool Parkour Video only with this cheap Gimbal and my phone let's go first of all I will test the gesture control and the follow mode it worked, 3, 2, 1, go it's also really helpful that you can switch the camera position just with two clicks yo guys this was the first test of my new zhiyun tech smooth x gimbal I really liked! it is very cheap and for this price the gimbal did a really great performance you can find more infos about linked in the video description if you want to film you videos with your phone it is a very good tool to upgrade your video quality you have the gesture control and follow mode so you can put the gimbal to a tripod and the camera will follow your run automatically the gimbal is connected with the app on your phone and you can control the most important app functions also with the buttons of the gimbal you can also use the app to edit your videos and you have smart editing that helps you to create cool videos I think it is great if you don't want to carry big equipment and want to film your training or traveling videos just with your phone let me know in the comments how you liked the videos I made with the gimbal and if you think that the gimbal mastered the challenge of a parkour video enjoy your training and don't forget to subscribe! see you next weekend

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