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OUKITEL WP5 IP68 Waterproof Smartphone Aliexpress 2020 MT6761 5.5 inch Screen 5V2A 8000mAh Battery


Healthy hurt The longest delivery, two months

The seller did not answer what was going on Rare * Don't take it I'm wonde allonline shops ru Delivery 6 weeks The phone is big and beautiful

Works I can not tell anything else, I bought it as a gift Standing there waiting At first glance, the phone is very cool Super, the *on is the same, but in the firmware changes changing its function The phone drove for about 70 days but still arrived Thank you very much Very long shipping because of covida

Outside, looks great, we'll see further Before took the phone Oukitel liked, so they ordered this form Thank you allonline-shopsru The phone was well packed

Delivery was very long because of the pandemic, the supplier was in touch, extended protection, I contacted transport companies The phone has a description Sound, the cameras work well The baby is very happy Thank you seller! The pandemic wasn't sent

allonline shops ru Arrived phone really well packed so intact Yeah it I turned on and lto fluid works well Outstanding Product quality… are soddisfattissimo Product arrived on schedule very fast Satisfied also by kindness and the timely communi*ion with the seller…

TOP SELLER… Thanks LINA Цвет: Black Доставка из: Китай Комплект: * Free Gift Logistics: AliExpress allonline shops ru It took a long time, but it did, and that's important Great phone I'm pleased with you

The phone went a month to N Novgorod, I'm happy with the purchase!) allonline-shopsru The seller quickly replied to the messages and in a very pleasant manner of communi*ion The goods are satisfied, despite the fact that the delivery was debt Цвет: Orange Доставка из: Китай Комплект: * Free Gift Logistics: AliExpress https://allonline-shops

ru The order was sent very quickly, but went for a long time, almost 2 months Packed very well

The phone works fine! Fast delivery, smartphone in perfect condition, works very well, recommend it to all allonline shops ru

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