LG Electronics set to unveil Q Stylus smartphone ● Tech News ● #TECH

LG Electronics is set to launch its new LG Q Stylus, the latest model in the expanding Q series midrange smartphones equipped with premium features, in key markets such as the GCC region in the third quarter The LG model will first hit the markets in North America and Asia on a limited basis starting this month followed by other key regions

The LG Q Stylus includes a handwritten input for those times when writing is more productive and expressive than typing, said a statement from the company Depending on the market, the model will be available in one or more configurations: Q Stylus+, Q Stylus and Q Stylusa, it said The stylus adds more convenience and functionality beyond the typical keyboard experience while the intelligent palm rejection system ensures that accuracy is never an issue even when resting one’s hand on the display Even with the display off, the smartphone will recognise and record handwritten notes, ideal for sudden flashes of inspiration Beyond notes and memos, the stylus can also be utilised to personalise captured images and videos to create animated GIFs, it added

Beyond the stylus, the smartphone offers premium features normally found in more expensive phones, such as an advanced camera that rivals the lens of the LG G series QLens comes standard on the handset, making search and online shopping a whole new experience Ha Jeung-uk, senior vice president and head of LG Electronics’ mobile business division, said: “The smartphone model adds another dimension to our series of exceptionally-priced midrange phones that deliver amazing value to consumers” “This phone is another example of our company’s promise to deliver a wider selection of devices this year with premium features designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s evolving smartphone users,” stated Jeung-uk

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