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How to film MANUALLY in 24fps, in FILMIC PRO with your SMARTPHONE, Basics and Settings


Ahoj! This is Zdenka This is my cellphone which is Android Samsung Galaxy S10 plus and this is the gimbal I have DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Now my phone films at 30fps and DJI Mimo which belongs to this gimbal also films at 30fps As an Android user I cannot film in slow motion or manually in that app, I would have to probably use something like Filmic Pro or native camera app Now, I also know that DJI Osmo Mobile 3 right now which is February 2020 is not compatible with Filmic Pro However, I still want to film at 24 fps so I am going to use Filmic pro like I would use normally without a gimbal by simply tapping on the screen I am just gonna use the gimbal to help me stabilize the footage

I can hit the record button on the gimbal to start recording and stop recording So in today's video, let me do that and let me walk you through Filmic Pro If we don't know each other yet, my name is Zdenka Darula If you want to learn how to take better photos and videos with the latest gear and participate in creative camera challenges, stick around and consider subscribing When you first open up Filmic Pro, you will be automatically filming in 24fps

Size of the video will be 1080p and aspect ratio will be 16:9 Everything is automatic, like brightness, white balance, so when you record video like this, it will be all over the place The colors might change, it will get dark and bright on you and all that Let's change that First of all, let's start with resolution

I'll go to settings and hit resolution where we can see HD 1080p but I really want to film in 4K You might want to film in 4K to show off beautiful location My video will be published in 1080p but I still want to film some clips in 4K because that way I can resize them in post, I can do other things with it Below that we have video encoding When you record video with your regular camera app, the video encoding is standard

You can go higher in Filmic Pro The higher you will go the bigger video size will be I have lots of room on my phone so I'm gonna go all the way to Filmic Extreme And I am going to choose higher codec so I am going to change it to video codec HEVC You can choose from many different aspect ratios

I am gonna leave it as it is at 16:9 Let's go to frame rates Right now we have 24 fps, I am gonna leave it as it is Since I don't want to go through this process again whenever I open Filmic Pro, I will save it to presets Open presets and save current values to presets

I'm gonna name it 24fps 4K 24 fps is set but what about if I want to film in slow motion? So let's click frame rate and now I can do only 24, 25 or 30fps Not 120 or 240 because I am still in 4K I have to first go to resolution and lower it to HD1080p Now when I go back to frame rate I can film at 120 or 240fps

I will select 120fps and save it to presets Save current value to preset and name it 120fps 1080p And I could do the same thing with 240 so now next time when will open Filmic Pro, I just click presets and quickly choose what I want to film in I am back to 24fps Since this smartphone has multiple cameras, you can just go to camera and select Mid or Wide

The preset will stay the same But if I want to film selfie, I have also choice between regular and Wide selfie And here I have to save different presets as I cannot film there in 4K I can do 2K for regular selfie and I can do 1080p for wide selfie So again I have selected 24fps so let's start filming

Let's select temperature or white balance and tone Let's look at the tone You can start in default natural if you are starting out or you can film in flat or log profile Flat is not as washed out, it is easier to color grade Log is very much that dull image which has the most data which you can later on color grade with Luts

They recommend to use flat profile as it is little bit easier to color grade You could make possibly mistakes when you are color grading Log profile like increasing noise in a footage but on that theme on color grading little bit in the future will make other videos about that Let's look at the white balance Right now the default is AWB which is automatic white balance The problem is that wherever you point the temperature is going to change

You can use these white balance presets here Sunny, cloudy or choose your preferred white balance and lock it by tapping the AWB button It will go red that means it is locked Let's look at the circle and square here Circle is exposure and square is for focus

If you see this shape it is more of an automatic selection Tap 2x and it will bring the square small Tap 2x and it will bring the circle small Tap on a circle to select the brightness you want, it will go red The same thing goes to square, the focus

You can also do that manually You can tap the manual control button to pull them both or just press and hold to pull them out separately If you happen to shoot in harsh conditions when you can't really see or are unsure if it is exposed properly or if it is in focus, you can pull out LIVE analytics That is using little bit of a system so you might want to use it only when necessary Press A button to reveal this pannel at the top with zebra stripes, clipping, false color and focus peaking

When you tap on zebra stripes, if you see red stripes, that means the area is over exposed Blue means it is under exposed Clipping means that areas get clipped, there is compete data loss Red means over exposure clipping and blue means under exposure clipping False color shows complete picture of exposure

What is green that is good Red is over exposed, blue is under exposed Focus peaking is last one Green means areas are in focus So these were the basics when it comes to Filmic pro app

More videos about Filmic Pro app are coming up when it comes to focus pull, filming manually and all that so don't forget to hit the thumbs up button if you liked todays video and subscribe to more If you have any questions or comments, or simply wanna say hi you can do so in a comment section below right here Please don't use Facebook or Instagram to send me private message I simply don't have time to respond them I only will respond your questions you are asking here on Youtube

And I will see everyone in the next video Cau Ahoj

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