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    How to add or change wallpaper on smartphone


    Welcome to my video, in this video I will show , , How to change wallpaper on Android based smartphones , , First of all go to the settings of Smartphone, then look for or search for wallpaper option , , Select the wallpaper option then select 'Home screen' option then choose any wallpaper which is already available on Smartphone, which is called default wallpaper also can choose lock screen wallpaper – just select 'lock screen' option also can select both home and lock screen, select the option and choose also you can choose From gallery but note don't delete the original photo which is available in smartphone's storage or memory card in smartphone after the select – touch this 'Set as Wallpaper' option Note interface of setting may look different in other models of smartphone also it's depends on version's of smartphones and there is another way to set wallpaper on smartphone that is open smartphone's defulat gallery app or open Googles photo app then select a photo which you set as wallpaper on smartphone then touch (select) three dot icon in top right corner then another option will be come on screen, select 'use as' or 'set as', then select 'wallpaper' option or 'lock screen' / 'home screen' / 'home and lock screen' options then another option will be come to 'set wallpaper' option – select that and that photo will be set as wallpaper otherwise try to use any another app which is help to set walpaper if available on google play store for android users Thanks for watching this video, and this video has been created for learning and informational purpose only and don't forget to comment / like / share, Thanks for watching [ Instumental Music ]

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