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English Subtitle By OSS Team Hello Guy's I'm DilesH, Welcome in TechHelp OSS Friends this world is of smartphones People changes smartphones more than shirts !! Question is from where one should buy smartphones? From any online Shopping Website or from a regular mobile shopkeeper someone behaves like this is their father's shop if something unexpected happens they can throw mobile on seller's ass !! huh we have already made a video on irritating online shopping experience, you can visit through the link on description here we will discuss about a noob guy who visits any shop then what precaution he should keep and what the main point, he has missed while shopping you can note down in comment box we will definitely share the safety points so stay tuned please give me an iPhone of 150$ only (oh a fool arrived, seems he doesn't know about iPhone) (offers another phone)

You can Buy Mi Note 8 Pro just 190$ sir its flat display will make your Partner Flat on You (greedy) is it true? is my GF?? yes sure sir

she would be show me that mobile whether is it worthy have a look sir

what is the key feature of this mobile ? 64 MP of its Eye's depth will drown you will drown you its figure octa core processor will shed you away 64gb Slim Design Wooo Intoxicating like your wine (eagerly) woo stop stop this is really as my dream Mi note 8 Pro only in 190$ (surprisingly) its online price is showing above 240$ sir How?? its our top class shop sir

price is very less your partner will surely impress !! (eagerly) ok ok give it to me i will buy take the full money and give it to me 10 20 100$ 190$ complete counting take it sir bill is already prepared, is in side thanks sir your most welcome this much of worst acting wooo

bro hit me beat me note 8 pro 190$ ??? no none of note 8 pro is so cheap currently 10 plus prime (abusing for features) new tiktoker just need it for selfie and for flirting they don't check for spec and price for that version no comparisonal checkup is done so he is easily cheated by shopkeeper most seller sells note 8 version in place of note 8 pro version price box can be changed easily for fraud purposes and also takes higher price for that lower version mobile & you are now scamed now scam on bill launching flash sale pre ordered mobiles the shopkeeper were also purchased from online store now if you buy from them after 3-4 months of their purchases

then you will get 3-4 months less warranty so check the billing date and also whether bill is genuine or not your money should get it value don't visit any shop for just relationship it should fulfill your true value of money check link in description we will soon meet you thanks buy

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