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Hacking a Smartphone by simply sending a link and hack mic – طريقة اختراق هاتف و الوصول الى المايك


Peace be upon you and welcome to a new lesson in penetration of Android Today's lesson will be about the sayhello microphone penetration tool The way the tool works is very easy and requires no experience and not a lot of commands First we go to the tool's website and I will put a link for you under the video As you can see, my brothers, this is a very simple tool and also works on the Termux application As you can see, this is the download link for Kali Linux and Termux The download method is very simple, so what you need to do is open the Terminal window, then copy this link, and the method does not differ on the Termux I've installed the tool before, just show you how to install The tool has loaded successfully in seconds and this is its file in Desktop Now we write cd sayhello to enter the tool file We write (LS) to browse the files As you can see these are the tool files Then we delete the mixes that we wrote with ( Clear ) Now we write Bash plus the name of the tool to start the installation process Now we are asked to choose our open port on the device, Or choose a server, If you don't have an open port I will choose a ngrok server Here we are asked to choose a site

Or a video on YouTube that will be shown to the victim When the victim enters the link as shown in the picture in front of us Click OK if you want YouTube to remain Now it installs ngrok and will come back to you after installation I installed the tool on Desktop and Home I will open the terminal tool and enter the tool Now we write the ( LS ) file review Then we write ( bash sayhellosh ) to run As in the first, we are asked to choose the open port on the device


For Termux owners, select the number ( 2 ) to contact the ngrok tool Then choose any site or video that you want to appear to the victim after entering the site I will leave it the same As you can see here has given us a site and this site is what we will send to the victim Now the one on my right is the Android 9 tablet that we're going to try the process on Now I will open Google Chrome and copy the link that the tool gave us We try to report As you can see our IP device has appeared Then we wait a little while for a message to appear It tells us that recording has started Now we go to the tool installation path Waiting for registration to arrive As you can see congratulations on us, the registration has appeared to us And the message I told you about, My brothers, almost all the medicines that others explain and explain to me, You need social engineering, I advise you to develop your capabilities in social engineering, Most of those who master social engineering are women And also a lot of hackers use a girl to help hack And believe me it is very easy in this And don't forget to subscribe to the channel and activate the alerts button To receive all new

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