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fotografi smartphone | Destinasi Foto Untuk Sosial Media Terkeren di Jakarta 2020 | Jepret Vol.1


Devzy and Satmul: Hi Sobat Jepret ! Devzy: So, We are at Lapangan Banteng Sat mul: True, specifically in the Central of Jakarta Devzy: in the middle of Jakrta Satmul: That's true

First, let's introduce ourselves My name's Satmul Devzy: I'm Devzy Satmul: We are here want to hunting want to photo something Devzy: Want to Instastory Satmul: Want to show off on Instagram, Right? Satmul: OK Satmul: So what are we doing here Dev? What do we gonna shoot? Devzy: We are gonna shoot buiding probably Satmul: or shooting some park Devzy: or leaves Devzy: But wait Devzy: So I'm always searching on Isntagram Devzy: Searching for Indonesia local brand Satmul: Just like kids now days, isn't it? Devzy: Yup Devzy: This play oftenly being use for Photoshooting of clothing brand like that Satmul: Like modelling stuff, right? Satmul: for apparel reasons, isn't it? Devzy: Yeah, so people want to buy it Satmul: that's cool, because there are a lot of young kid here Devzy: for you an ameteur Photographer, this place is really good for your first photoshoot Satmul: True, for testing your own skill

Edit: bro, I want ask you something Satmul: Who are you? ask suddenly Editor: I'm an Editor bro Devzy and Satmul: So, what is it? Editor: I want to ask Editor: why are you guys choosing this place beside shooting a model here? Editor: is it because of strategic location or what? Satmul: No, so when I searching on Google, this palce is one of the most popular place in Jakarta, Indonesia Satmul: So, Lapangan Banteng is really good for photoshooting Devzy: so, you guys who watching this video need to try open your google and searching " The Most Popular Place For Photoshooting in Jakarta" Devzy: this place is number one Satmul: Not really tho Satmul: actually we don't really know which number it is, one of the most favorite place Satmul: Just like that Satmul: Before we start our photoshooting, we want to tell you what Phobia is

Satmul: Phobia is "Photo Bareng HIMAINDIE Asik" *which mean "Fun Photoshooting With HIMAINDIE" Devzy: What is HIMAINDIE? Satmul: HIMAINDIE is a Students Association for design student in Trilogi University Kalibata, Jakarta, Indonesia Satmul: the best Students Association in our university Editor: Bro, I don't have a camera Satmul: What? you don't have a camera go buy it! Satmul: I'm kidding you can use your smartphone too Satmul: do you want to be demonstrated? Satmul: Let's look for model to shoot Devzy: : let's take a model first

Satmul: Actually, you don't need a model, we can shoot sky, cat, or something Satmul & Devzy: Let's try it then Satmul: Let's ask some people there Dev Devzy: yeah, ther are bunch of people there

Satmul: Assalamu'alaikum Devzy: Punten (Excuse me/us) Strangers: Wa'alaikumsalam Satmul: Sorry to bother you guys So we want to photo something here Satmul: So, probably there is one of you want to be our model? Devzy: want to be our model for photoshoot Strangers: This guy probaly fit for it Strangers: let show you face on camera first Devzy: Is there a camera there? Satmul: We are actually recognize eachother Devzy: o yeah, We are actually recognize eachother *just realize Satmul: I forgot about it Devzy: follow us Strangers: Sorry, I'm kinda busy Devzy: Let's introduce your self first

Satmul: So who are you? Strangers: my name's Iqsan Satmul: Ok Iqsan Editor: Iqsan, What are you? Who are you? Iqsan: I'm Satmul's friend Devzy: Bro, are you Student Association leader? Iqsan: what? Devzy: Student Association leader Iqsan: Next year probably Satmul & Devzy: we hope so Not really tho Devzy: I'm sonna shoot you now, Let's go Satmul: wha you use for photoshoot? Cellphone, isn't it? Satmul: we don't need a DSLR for photoshoot, right? Satmul: only by phone we can produce a really cool photos Devzy: Xiaomi Pride Satmul: we need to go around for our photoshoot Devzy: There are a wide field there

there are must be a lot of aesthetic spot there Satmul: Let's go then Devzy: Let's go Satmul: So, we at a different spot we are gonna Shoot Devzy Satmul: So, we at a different spot we are gonna Shoot Devzy Devzy: So, I just been shooted before like I'm gonna open my own clothing store Devzy: Now I'm gonna shoot Satmul Satmul: yeah Devzy: now is my turn, to be fair Satmul: Let's try it

Satmul: OK Sobat Jepret So we've been walking around Satmul: for photoshooting at Lapangan Banteng Satmul: We've been try some technique, like Modelling, Exposure, Landscape Satmul: There are a lot of them you can see the result later Satmul: So this is a goodbye time Devzy: We are from Phobia, want to say goodbye

Devzy: But it's doesn't mean it's our last time to see you guys Devzy: There are lot of place in Jakarta, Indonesia that we can look for Photoshoot spot of your Instagram needs Satmul: Not Instagram only, there are a lot of platform you can share to Devzy & Satmul: Probably that's all Devzy:We are from Phobia Satmul & Devzy: Stay Jepret! Support our channel by Subscribe our Channel, Like and share our video to your friend or your social media and feel free to put your advice on comment section down below

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