[ENG SUB]Restore or roll back the ROM Xiaomi smartphone without unlocking the bootloader!

good time of the day viewers also guests of my channel Today I I'll show you how to flash a smartphone with locked bootloader, and Mi Pc Suite 30 About this programm i make other video tutorial

But now about flash phone via Mi Pc Suite If phone in bootloop or need change rom from global stable to developer global i use this tool You can flash only global to global Can't flash global to china or conversely So now we will open our browser andLet's see what I'll show you

I'll go to my profile and find my topic with Mi pc suite adapted for the Russian language but you can use english on forum search write mi pc suite 30 english ALL subject while the court here a reference in the description under the video Download this version supports android 6,7 and uper Go further click download further in the download and look for the rom recovery for your phone

We are not interested in moving from global versions to Chinese versions so here you can move only between In two versions this is a global stable or the global weekly Therefore here is my smartphone Mi max 2 open at chinese rom smartphone so i open mi max 2 china and download the full rom for the recovery I already pre-downloaded this version so I will not rock further when we all downloaded unzip and launch Mi Pc Suite 30 this version work correctly with this device and other with android 6 or uper

After launch this programm they ask for mi account Enter account and password as you can see now While this window is not active it is a little bitit takes a long time to load Because tries to reach company servers xiaomi, here we will need to enter your own login and password to the account as this is official application Further we here

I enter the phone number under with which register my account If you enter either e-mail on which you were registered Pay attention to the fact that the error sometimes we are asked to enter the code confirmation I have a two-stage verification for login to my account I have to keep the sms code

But sometimes But sometimes the first time the sms password does not come and It is necessary to wait again when the window with the code will light up resend the code wait for this message but for now I will say wait for this message but for now I will say If you suddenly bootloop your smartphone or just want to change the rom This program will help you no need unlock the bootloader There is such that any update wrongly got up and your phone bootlooped But here we are not afraid of anything since this program can work with android 6 and above and it will all help us restore our smartphone even without it lock

And so now I'll click resend the code receive sms with a confirmation code After we enter the code It is simple to work with program we do not need to do anything in the phone Well, the program itself is all for us Tell us what we need to do so enter our password which came with message press enter do not expect sign in after all the action, we have such window we find the point update and here we need reboot phone into recovery it is necessary to completely restore it turn off hold the volume up button and power within three seconds of entering interface recovery we need to select For move between item use volume buttons

For confirm our choice use power button Need connect phone with Mi Assistant after connect it to the computer If you have installed all drivers correctly, although this program has all the drivers they have already installed me for a long time and this I used the program for a long time already So I have nothing to put is not necessary

After connection our smartphone and clicked my assistant konig with us the screen with the connected to it by cable this is called the recovery menu for restore the phone with this menu Since we see here I have mi max 2 8426 it is advisable to choose the one rom If you have bootloop after update you need chose earlier rom

If you have 9 versions then click on the zipper if there is no racquet plan it gives you an opportunity with an eight upgrade to the top 9 but he will always ask you delete all data so do Always do backup if you just update you phone Using this program it's for you make life easier in the future but since everything equal to when updating or just reflash forever will ask wipe This window we erase our data from smartphone after which we proceed further Everything is done very easily and quickly without any unnecessary problems

You need to click on choose the firmware as see the phone we showed what type device rom already downloaded and located on the desktop so you do not need to look for it for a very long time and you advise always to throw off on Desktop Here we choose our Rom We already have already downloaded it in advance so which are already installed in the phone and now we see our window that checking the selected file will flash Some time you can did something wrong, so always check what kind of firmware you have installed in the phone and what you want moments the file check passes from 10 seconds to 30 depending on the size file And from the device well, depending on the speed connect the device itself as seen Now our firmware is unpacked and run interest unpacking passes pretty fast, but itself the firmware may take a while Also, please do not disconnect your device during the flashing since you You can damage your devices

applies to all devices, regardless of from what device you are using mtk or snapdragon processor, so always think what you are doing Because in the future to restore phone will be extremely problematic I see mi max 2 firmware version 8426 is the Chinese version and the name of the update writes that mi max 2 8

426 hash code and 71 android After that how our rom once rests you see further that the percentage will run already from 0 and the process of the flas will begin our device will go into the mode updates on it will light a strip Running that phone is updated and please do not disconnect your device I would also like to say that this method safe even if a brick phone he can still go into the recovery but this recovery is only stock then which comes with the device itself no matter what you are on

Currently you use recovery from you it should be even more so with you the loader is locked at you always you can update here I would like to say about this program is convenient in use of without any dancing with a tambourine main thing to put the correct drivers without these drivers you still have to fly out some critical errors because of incorrect connection to your device also It is advisable to check all cables and settings of the computer where the oleg plan power supply additional settings power plan there is no point disable ports, that is, you should now you must disable the computer from disconnecting and hack ports for normal updates

When data is erased, you can restore your phone with a cloud that the company itself offers Make cloud backupor make a local backup in advance and throw it on the computer gave this daddy with backup after recover phone or firmware you throw the daddy again on phone and in a local backup you are already select your local backup which was made with the help of these services and restore the phone more you do not need anything the phone will be fully working as we see an update or recover was successful the phone went off to reboot First boote can be long from 5 minutes to 10 minutes in depending on the device and which the processor is installed in this device so do not worry if you have what kind of questions can you always write to telegram group all My contact details are in the description Ask questions I will always try to answer you preferably in the comments you write very much but I do not have time for everyone answer therefore write to group telegram thank you for everyone's attention successful firmware and restore to all good luck and all for now

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