Hi the makers, welcome to my workshop We meet again this week for a video, manufacturing, a video that I named, if you too are tired of searching for your cable to charge your phone

make yourself a charging station personal project number 7 it's gone First step, I will make a mold to be able to pour the cement and for that I use a melamine tablet Since it is very smooth, I think that the cement is going to be perfect Now that the mold is made I'm going to make the cement mix so it's a quick setting cement so I only have two minutes to mix put it in a mold and smooth on the top two minutes these courses I hope it'll do it We will go to the next step we will make the base on the top and for the wooden part I took oak that I put in thickness and width and now I'm going to cut the length Now that I cut the wooden part to size I will make a groove to the router to be able to put The phone The wooden part is almost finished groove for the phone it is made I made the hole to pass the cable and behind a small groove to be able to properly encased it now I'm going to do a little pan all the way around and go to the finish The wooden part is over I made the beat I sanded everything correctly I just unmold the base, put the cable inside and stick the two parts together it's too good I hope you enjoyed this video do not hesitate to like, share and comment me I'll see you next week and by then do you wear well

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