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Ab wann darf mein Kind eine Smartphone benutzen? | Kleinkind | Eltern ABC | ELTERN | Elternratgeber


Yes, this question naturally concerns many parents and basically, like in television, regarding this topic: less is more And that always applies until the end of primary school and actually beyond

This is because the brain development of children and adolescents is favorably influenced by things like direct contact, community, so contact with other children, other people in general, by making music, doing sports, by everything where the children are directly in their environment understand and understand with your own hands And the brain development is also adversely affected by too much media use You always have to keep in mind that media use is especially important for smaller children is also a total package That is, the child shouldn't necessarily if it is maybe between three and five years old, watch half an hour of television and another half an hour play with your smartphone or tablet But we can our children in our time also no longer completely keep away from the modern media

You usually experience us parents permanently with these devices in hand and are of course interested in dealing with these devices Above all, we always have to be aware of our role model function and also check our own media behavior from time to time I may jump up from the dining table myself as soon as a message arrives on my cell phone or maybe I can put my device aside for a few hours, so that my child does not come into contact with my smartphone at all and I don't feel embarrassed to have to give my child my smartphone? Usually there are opportunities where the child may be bored or where I may not have as much time to take care of my child and then I leave on these occasions my child's tablet or smartphone You should always be aware that if you do that, then always passes an opportunity for your child to learn something important independently of the smartphone Namely maybe bored for a moment or be patient for a moment, as it used to be when there were no smartphones

But if you want to give your child the smartphone, then please make sure that you are always close, respectively, that your smartphone is secured accordingly, so that your child cannot access content that may disturb or shake it in some way or that are in any form of danger to the child’s best interests The child should, if at all, only use appropriate apps, that are made for children And we should always keep in mind that it is for every type of game or educational game there is always a better alternative apart from a smartphone or tablet Because the children definitely learn more when they are in direct contact with other children or when they play with adults, when they deal with their environment It's always better than sitting in front of your smartphone

Generally to the question: How long can a child or how much can a child using my smartphone or tablet is actually to say that half an hour is a very good measure for children aged eight to thirteen It has been found that children who are longer than half an hour spend with smartphones or with the tablet, have significant difficulty concentrating The most important point is actually media literacy and always look at yourself and start with yourself Always be aware of your role model function Always consider whether there are also alternatives, than to give your child the smartphone or tablet

Of course, children only ask for it when they have got to know it and the later you get to know it, the better The question of when a child should actually have their own smartphone can at least be answered to the extent that children under twelve do not actually have one of your own smartphone This is often not easy, because most children have a smartphone at the beginning of secondary school But my advice at this point: Try to delay it as much as possible

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