Тряси смартфон адская 1 мин/Shake smartphone hellish 1 minute

*Ding dong* *Song WTF ;-; Gigabytes per steps Wut? >:> Song* Get gigabytes For the steps Gigabytes >:> F*ck you! >:V Gigabytes! Morning* Ding dong* (again) >:V ;-; Lift eyes >:> WUT Lift eyes! There is a what's in the sky omg Lift eyes Here hands are gently stroked Song:Here hands are gently stroked /Remove hand/ Song:Here hands are gently stroked /Ok/ Well fu* Day Seriously!? c,: c,: ;-; Megaphone Please don't It's already late >:> SHAKE QUICKLY SMARTPHONE! SHAKE, SHAKE SMARTPHONE PREPARED A MEGAPHONE PERSONAL GIFTS YOU SHAKE YOUR SMARTPHONE SHAKE QUICKLY SMARTPHONE MEGAFON APP BEFORE THE FREE FAST CONNECTION YOU SHAKE YOUR SMARTPHONE >:>

Source: Youtube