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Worst Effort Plays in US Sports Compilation


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  1. Finally a compilation that exposes Lebron’s effort. Dude is not a great teammate. That’s why he’s 4-6 in the finals. His effort is terrible. Arguably most athletic player ever but it doesn’t mean anything without the mentality

  2. This is why I don’t watch professional sports they don’t care they already made it they make more money than most even with little effort college is way more interesting

  3. Why is the first play with Harden at 0:41 a part of this when it was the mistake of his teammate that threw everything off? He was on his heel at the moment his teammate should've gotten the ball when he should've changed direction. They may be paid a lot of money but they're still limited by the physics of the human body. That's not lazy, that's human p[physiology.

  4. I've been hard on Cam Newton for not diving on that ball, but Von Miller also illegally batted it back towards the end zone. And yes, they have a camera angle catching him red-handed.

  5. "4:23"
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  6. Morgan's play to start this was the dumbest thing I've ever seen in a baseball game–ever. I read that he acted unprofessionally in games numerous times, which is why he had a short Major League Baseball career.

  7. Maybe the one that's justified was Harden not trying to challenge the guy driving to the basket. He wouldn't get there in time. Not worth getting a foul called on him. Not to mention potentially giving up an and-one.

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