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My name is Mine Kasapoğlu and I am a sports photographer I take photos of all kinds of sports, but preferably winter sports, because I have done skiing and snowboarding myself at competition level

I have always loved competitions and snow around me When I could no longer compete, I started taking pictures of it I love the feeling at the start just before the race starts, when the participants are getting ready and when I capture those moments, it seems like I'm at the start again I have been using the Sony α9 for about 2 years now This is a high point in sports photography, especially in my field It seems as if the digital revolution has now been completed

When I saw what he could do, I was astonished I thought, "That can't be true," because it is lighter, I have 20 images per second instead of 12, and I cannot focus only in the center of the frame, but at every position in the image, from corner to corner In the viewfinder I can now see exactly what I will send to the customer That is also handy if you take photos outside in the snow, because everyone needs viewfinders to see what they are photographing, but when I look through my camera, I see exactly what I am doing The 400 mm 2

8 G Master is fantastic You really come close to the promotion and those guys work so hard and when you get that close, do you really feel that energy It is magical! Photos with the 400 28 speak their own language with fantastic quality That is irreplaceable I take a lot of photos of alpine skiing and snowboarding and they are among the fastest sports

They go down at 130 km / h, so the camera must focus quickly I always had 3-4 sharp photos per athlete, but now there are 8, 9, 10, sometimes more That's great, and if I show that to my colleagues next to me, they react in astonishment This is an outdoor sport, a nature sport, so we must be prepared for any weather Now you see, for example, that the wind is strong and quite cold

Last year at the Olympic Games, I believe it was 30 degrees below zero it was so cold, but my camera did it perfectly You lose or win a match in milliseconds One millisecond can make everything

At that moment I want to capture the face of the athlete That can be an emotion or an action moment Now that I have 20 images per second, I walk through my photos and think: I could never have taken this photo if I didn't have that many images It is not about all 20 images, I want to capture that moment, that special moment Photography is about passion and wanting to have one photo

Follow your heart and don't give up until you have the best photo And even if you have the best photo, try to make a better one you always keep looking for the perfect photo I am so happy with the α9, I would not know what else can improve I am very curious about the future, I know that Sony is taking photography to a whole new level and I am very happy to be part of it

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