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Wii Sports – Jakintoh x Brown Sugar (prod.Alvin)


fuck its hot uh Hold on wait a minute, wait a minute I'm about to bust this nut in a wubaba throat uh ALVINNNN! New pack on me Fuck Big bitch on me she gon ride me like a bike I ain't bout the catfish so you better get on Skype Said a main man and he said he wanna fight Turns out the bitch got a dick like a dyke I'ma still shoot my shot like I'm Mike Smash that pussy with my sword like I'm Ike Shorty so thick that's a anime thighs Comic Con bitch I'm an anime guy Lil baby whats your discord Magnum in the pocket so you know what this for 144 Hz I see every pixel Whole train squad wipe with the proper pistol Flash me some dance like you playing Fiddle Spotlight on me like I'm Malcom Middle She blew white ring like I'm a whistle Head bop she knew thats the rhythm She say my name she know the riddle I score home runs (okay) hm I do for fun (mhm) One punch you done (you're done) For shift like run (okay) I don't buy gun Nunchuck so sum (uwu) Flow hot like sun (kawaii) I think I won B-b-build a bitch workshop chop my dick off I'm a bitch now can't jack off with my cock Twilight zone I'ma drop it like it's hot Lil Wayne bars I'ma steal and call the cops Zoom on the highway like I'm doing speedrun Tripping out now like do I really see sum Quick combo dead his ass fatality In the lobby now this is such a tragedy T bag bitch baby call me Master Chief Homie just called said this boy's a masterpiece Cheat code up down up down up Honk my horn then we gon fuck If she really give it up then I surf my way down to her butt Knock you down with my big balls thats a strike now Wanna shoot my shot 1v1 gotta strike now Im hella rich and I got hella skins The only skins you are is on my dick tip (what) Big ass glock on my hip barrel touch my tip Go out to eat with your guest too big tip She like the cash and she like the dick Its a 2 for 1 use a coupon bitch Hop on league get on summoners rift Got extra RP Ima give you a gift Split legs like a ? era and a spliff Make a bitch cum when I use my ultimate Nut in her mouth thats a mouthful (ooh) She think I'm flashy press F on the howl Like Nidalee I am always on the prowl Eat a bitch's ass over 24 hours (yipee)


Source: Youtube

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