The World’s BEST Sports Watch of 2018 – Seiko SLA025 & Alpinist Giveaway Announcement

hello welcome to another watch wise today what we're gonna do is a review of the SLA025 this particular watch is a re-creation of the 1968 Seiko divers piece its 50th year anniversary and to mention it is an award-winning watch it won the Grand Prix which is known as the oscars of the watch world in 2018 for the sports category so classed as the best sports watch of 2018 stay tuned in the video because we will also do the announcement of the seiko alpinist winner for the 1000 subscribers landmark giveaway sorry its a bit late we've been super busy with lots of things and we've got a very exciting time coming up very shortly with Basel world I will be there so make sure to say hello and I'll be presenting products to a number of different people we'll do a review of pieces and the overall collection that's coming out for Seiko I'm grants a co-host Baselworld so once I'm back in the UK we'll have some great clips and information all ready for you guys so make sure to subscribe and hit the notification button so you get the information first without further ado let's move on to the actual review so the SLA025 or the 1968 recreation piece as I said it stays very true to the original 1968 piece which is really nice the case is quite a big watch it's it's quite high up on the wrist as well that is because it's a forty four point eight millimeter case and has a thickness of fifteen point seven that being said is made as a robust divers and practical for the actual job what you will notice with this however is it has very thin looks and the actual case itself has a beautiful finish to it because it utilizes zaratsu finishing that is usually reserved for Grand Seiko the case interesting when you turn it over it has a slim profile which means that there's less surface area actually sat on your wrist and on the sides is a beautiful mirrored finish I could see myself in there as I said due to that zaratsu finishing it has the crown at four o'clock and a raised bezel insert which is higher than the domed sapphire crystal the dial is looks very deep and has a gilt matte appeal to it especially when it's got like dome glass with anti-reflective and the raised bezel it looks very deep and makes the Lumi bright our markers and minute and hour hand pop out really really nicely it has that gold detailing on the dial and is wonderfully finished off and one of the key differences between the original to this one is those finer details the watch is a 300 meter divers and you will notice there's no helium escape because of the way the watch is cased and the seals are used it doesn't actually require a helium escape which is very interesting this particular watch it does come in a high price point and but does also utilize the 8L55 movement which is a high beat movement so this watch runs a frequency of thirty six thousand vibration per hour or 10 beats or five Hertz and with that because that hairspring is spinning a faster rate is less susceptible to shock which is ideal for the divers piece with that it does maintain a 55 hour power reserve which along with the unidirectional bezel I'm sure is more than enough for diving purposes moving on from the case and the watch itself we will go on to the strap so this one comes with a silicone strap which is very diver very versatile sorry and lightweight and very flexible and makes a very comfortable comfortable wearing it has a waffle kind of design on the front and when you turn it over onto the back similarly to the case back it has a raised profile so less of a surface area is actually sitting on your wrist as you're wearing it because we all know how silicon straps can be in that heat when the tight on especially if you get sweaty wrists like me the buckle on this is a really really nice metal buckle and is actually beveled at the edges and finished very nicely overall this watch is really stunning beautiful piece and people have really really loved that it stays true to the original and it's absolutely stunning that piece that can stay so true to the original with upgrades can actually win an award in Geneva for the best sports world 2015 when it's 50 years after the original so it's great to know that these vintage style pieces still have a big place in today's market and I for one and definitely a fan of vintage style watches this particular watch comes in limited edition of 1500 so it's very limited and if you get the chance to see it with it being so limited do if you can't without further ado let's now move on to the Seiko alpinist giveaway so what we did with this was we did a video and we actually did it as a roulette table so he split everyone's name into three groups span the table kept whoever was in and then separated everyone who was still remaining in two different numbers whoever then number came up one the sake well placed the video didn't come out quite as we would have wanted in terms of the actual visuals of it so we will add some clips of that but obviously stay true to the winner of that particular outcome before I announce the winner I'm sorry to keep stalling on on this view but I actually asked everyone to leave a funny comment so I want to actually acknowledge a few and read them out before I announce the winner one that I particularly liked is from someone who we have mentioned before viously on this channel because he supported ours but I actually really liked his comment on this and he said my biggest fear is that if I die my wife sells my watches the prices I told her I paid for them so massively under market price I imagine for the watches that you've got my number one favorite however is quite a simple one and maybe because I like duck humor being from Yorkshire comes from Gregor loser if I'm pronouncing that correctly he says knock knock who's there the postman with your psychologist thank you for that one right so the winner of the sake well finish the moment you've all been waiting for came to John so John Jo n we will get in touch with you as to how we can get your Seiko alpinist to you hopefully you don't live too far away and I had to look to see what comment you actually left it was actually reasonably funny as well so John said why did the man throw his watch out the window he wanted to see time fly so thank you for that John and we will be throwing the sacred alpinist Yahweh for anyone that didn't win I'm sorry I wish I could give one to everyone I can't but we will do giveaways in the future and thank you again for all your support and make sure to subscribe hit the notifications we'll see you in the next video

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