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The Access Sport Ignite programme 2018


I think we offer something quite unique in that we have a session specifically aimed at disabled and deaf children Working in partnership with Access Sport we've been able to bring climbing which is often considered elitist, to a whole new range of people a lot of these guys are not confident because they're not amongst people along the same ability as them and again it just gives them that drive to come in and say actually I can do something, whether it's collecting a ball, whether it's running whether it's kicking I can do that quite comfortably, along with it help of a few coaches but mainly by themselves and that's giving them a massive confidence boost Ok, pose for the camera Cameron and show how you can now bat two-handed helping Cameron develop and financing him to chase what he loves playing and that's cricket and already I've seen him hitting shots textbook what a normal able bodied lad can hit, easily

And I think as well he's getting respect as for being a player, it's not so much this is a kid, aw you know, feel sorry for him he is now gaining respect from teammates and the club itself as being a sportsman I like the people there, they're very nice and it's nice to socialize with people my own age and it's also very good keep you healthy doing sports I like it she had a disability that she'd had since birth, and she was a wheelchair user since birth and she got in a boat, and left her wheelchair on the side and she came back in and she said that's the first time in my entire life I've been away, from the wheelchair and she found it massively liberating, and she forgot she was disabled Can't get that anywhere else can you

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