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The 2021 Lexus IS350 Is an Average Luxury Sport Sedan


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Watch this “The 2021 Lexus IS350 Is an Average Luxury Sport Sedan” video below:


The new 2021 Lexus IS350 is here — and it’s … fine. Today I’m reviewing the 2021 IS350 F-Sport, and I’m going to show you a few quirks and features of the new Lexus IS. Then I’ll drive the new Lexus IS350 and show you what it’s like on the road.


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  1. Saw one of these yesterday and it looks really damn nice, but my 2021 kia sorento actually has much better interior than this lol… Kia is killing everyone right now…

  2. Doug cannot teach me to Dougie he's happy because he's getting those huge YouTube checks but imagine if he wasn't getting that he will be like get something that is reliable

  3. This will outlast any BMW, Audi, Mercedes, ect… 2-3 times over…. I think they haven't changed the engine because they know this one is so reliable.

  4. I bought a 2021 IS350 in February. We got the Infrared color. This car get attention everywhere we go. It looks so much better in person. Nothing ordinary about it.

  5. Average in every way but it's reliability and resale value. Giving someone a 12 year old Lexus would be an amazing present, giving someone a 12 year old BMW/Audi/Merc is a curse

  6. I watched this review with a smirk and a giggle all the way through because of how much doug put his foot in his mouth about lexus as they have just revealed that this IS-350 was NEVER the top of the range model but it's actually the IS-500 F-Sport Performance which is INSANELY awesome and is EXTREMELY competitive with top of the range european models.

  7. Doug. why don’t car Enthusiast like yourself not take to account that these cars are reliable and will out last any bmw, Audi or Mercedes two times over??? I understand that interior quality and handling isn’t up to par with other manufactures but the products they make are mostly junk from reliability standpoint. Many people like myself enjoy driving something that we are confident in owning for 5-10 years.

  8. i tend to think that this facelift is probably the best Lexus has done in years… while it isn't spectacular, i believe it will age well and I think some makers will even start copying that full body width taillight. Couple that with reliability and you've got a niche that nobody else has (while everyone is putting in a touchscreen to replace all buttons, we've got this "dated" but functional interior control).

  9. Looking forward to you getting a spin in the IS500. Maybe it is just me, but a luxury car needs to be basicslly dependable. Being stuck in 50mph limp mode in the breakdown lane as semis blow by at 70mph is terrifying and not really that uncommon in some cars that aren't even a year into their first lease. Almost seems intentional to keep people rolling over into new leases.

  10. Fuck I really want this car but I’ve owned the 2018 Camry and this just looks the same which isn’t really a problem but I want a different experience.

  11. Test drove and it felt like a Toyota corolla but just slightly faster. Not sharp at all and slow! Other than that I found it to be absolutely gorgeous!

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