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Have you recently hurt yourself playing sport or have an ongoing niggling sports injury that you want to sort out I'm Natalie March, I own physiological we're an award-winning physiotherapy, sports therapy and sports injury clinic based in Havant and Rolands Castle in Hampshire

Over the next few weeks we'll be covering different sports injuries in our weekly blog We will cover the most common conditions and sports injuries from skiing, golf, gym goers, badminton, rugby, football, common injuries affecting horse riders to name a few So in each of the blogs we'll be covering self-help tips and exercises for you to do Please feel free to like this video and share it with friends and also tag anyone you feel it maybe helpful too Physio-logical is on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram so please feel free to follow us because when we release our weekly blogs we'll share on our social media pages

That's Natalie March from Physio-logical Speak to you soon

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