Sports in “The simpsons” – #1.Soccer(Football)

I fell in love with the game when I saw "Bend It Like Beckham" Father, I am proud of my cultural heritage,but I also love soccer ! You tell him, Jesminder ! I forbid you to bend it like Beckham

Plus, you must marry this complete stranger His father is an important business acquaintance of mine Love counts for nothing ! You tell her, Mr Dhanabhai ! Business contacts are more important than love! Last year in Brazil, an on-field scuffle turned so violent, locals say a statue of the Virgin Mary came alive and beat the holy snot out of everyone Eye of the tiger, Bart Eye of the– I stopped it And I hurt somebody

Ha-ha boring! football powerhouse Brazil ♪ Olé, olé-olé-olé

♪ and Luxemburg, whose entire nation has turned up The mighty Brazilian squad features the greatest master of the fake injury soccer has ever known: El Divo! Brazil wins it! And a fairly-called match it was In choosing Homer Simpson, the World Cup has met its Goal~!! She tripped me Foul on the other girl Lisa gets apenalty kick, and every other kid has to pay her a dollar How about a lecture from me, Ronaldo ? Ronaldo ?! Winner of two World Cups and three FIFA Player of the Year awards ? Yes, I what you said Now I travel the world exposing floppers,and your daughter is a flopper

Now, Ronaldo away ! A high school principal has decided that football is too dangerous, so he's replacing it with soccer If we lose football, we lose the blitz, cheerleaders, Rudys, Ochocincos, something for fat kids to play

Here it is, the World Cup Final! Will it be a German Blitzkrieg or a Brazilian waxing? Nazis! Nazi harborers! Guys, you're both right

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