Słynny komentator z gry FIFA oraz SKY SPORTS trenuje 6-ligowy zespół WOKING FC

We are located in Woking, near South London Woking FC is an old club founded in 1889

We're playing in the Vanarama National League South and today we're playing with East Thurrock As I said, we have been operating for over 100 years We represent the traditional values ​​of football and we are a friendly club for the entire community We've already played the highest level of amateur football So you were the highest in the Vanarama National League, at the 5th level

– Yes and now we're playing at 6 What is the biggest success of the club? You played in cups a few times 4 times we played the finals at Wembley 3 times in FA Trophy or FA cup for non-League clubs And 1 in the amateur FA Cup before the 70,000th audience and live on the BBC And we won all 4 matches In FA CUP we have reached the fourth round of the WBA away

This is our best result You can check it out at Google then we lost to Everton at Goodison Park These were our biggest matches And this season we played with Watford – a few weeks ago – and we lost 2-0 But there was no disgrace, the stadium was feces

It was fantastic How many viewers will this stadium have? About 6000 My name is Martin Tyler I'm assistant coach at Woking FC I'm also a football commentator at Sky Sports And I comment on matches in Fifia I am already working on Fifa 20 in the end Being a commentator is my main occupation and occasionally I sit on a coaching bench

This test club is special for me This is the 4th club where I work with the current trainer, but this is the club I supported as a child I first came here when I was 8 years old and finally this year I found myself in the picture with the team I am the only one who smiles because apparently the players are cool as the pictures come out seriously Oh, look, they're going (players) You do not laugh at group photos, do you? I'm the only one who laughs in this picture because I'm proud to be part of Woking FC

When you sit on the bench, do you comment on the matches in your head? No never I use words in my head that I could not use on a television channel These two activities are like a playground This year, my playgrounds came together when we played with Watford For us it was a great match And for me it was an opportunity to meet people with whom I work on a daily basis

In my career, I commented on many Watford games It was an interesting experience standing a few meters from the Watford team Interesting experience that happens once in a lifetime Have you ever commented on Polish matches when they played with England? Many times I was in Katowice

Do you remember Wembley and the famous defense of Jan Tomaszewski? I was there but I did not comment on this match I was working during the transmission I remember it well It was a very bad evening for England and it was great for Poland It was a great team, which later took third place at the World Cup

9 months later English fans did not feel better when they were championships You had great players like Summer and Deyna, who later died tragically I had the opportunity to train with him in the States when we had a tour there Polish football is very good recently at the U-21 tournament England reached the semi-finals there I watched a great finale between Germany and Spain, probably in Krakow I have been to many places in Poland

And I have great respect from the Polish ball Dariusz Szpakowski? Commentator;) I've known him for a very long time Is amazing He's probably a similar age as me We've been together in many tournaments

My Polish is no better, his English has improved One thing is for sure You are a legend here in Poland Thank you and good luck Say hello to Darek from me;) Do you remember your best Woking match at this stadium? And do not tell me that from Watford

It was not the best for us Certainly not this one maybe a match with a lot of goals? No Maybe you remember at least the first half? Because you know the beer and these things and you do not remember the tip You said you're from Scotland and you support Woking

Do you have a team there, which you support? Dundee United I am choosing this for kidwa weeks when they will play with Alloa I'm going to choose soon So you're still an active Dundee supporter I need 10 hours to get

But it will be worth it ready for the match? Yes How long have you cheered on the club? I have been going to matches for 3 years, but I have been following 7 people Is this the only club you support? Yes And you? I'm not that long

Rather from the jump I'm not once I have lived in this city for a long time and I have found that I need a team that I can cheer on Usually, we ask fans for their best match Do you remember that? Home? Yes Last is a match against Watford

One of the biggest matches of the club A nice day in which the Premier League club came to us I agree with a friend It's not everyday to play with a Premier League club It's such a great match for 22 years

Do you travel for frequent trips? Yes – What was your best away match? Swindon Do you have any local rivals? Who is the biggest? Aldershot At the moment there is a league above us In the next weeks, we're just hosting them They probably will say the same about us This? It's you? It was in 1958

It was when they won the Wembley Cup Did you score then? No In what position did you play? In the middle on the left It was worth coming 60 miles for this match? Yes We go to every match

This is almost a local match for us We also have a Truro in Cornwall when you look at the map you see That is far away We have Torquay, Weston-super-Mare, we were on the last Tuesday evening What's the farthest trip? Truro

How many miles? 650 miles back and forth And we are from Essex And Truro is a long journey Here you have only 60 miles As we call it in the UK, almost local derby

These? No What can you say about your stadium? Is it similar to this? Ours is small Look for it in Google We have teams from lower game levels coming to us Three years ago we won the play-offs for this league, which makes us happy

A rural stadium is spoken at our stadium in the UK Here you will get some grandstand, a chair will be placed here Not like this one But we love him We definitely have to visit you

We invite you

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