Should High School Athletes Play Multiple Sports

it's been a long time, but that back It is not due to the left, but that is what we support really not where I was born with that I was trying to take back to that base I know what I was going to but have to put our own flavor in what is happening good first of all let's start this thing that is simply saying what we just what we have I'm not ready to tell one lifts up and I do not like it in a regular judge, but we got some solid dancing here yes it still is of some parts where we got some for Jenison ENECON® know the green apple with the Carmel I've been killing them green apple Andy and we got a coffee tour here What is it, although he nevertheless is boy If you do not know what is just by watching the rap go with her is not livin well everyone knows what that word grabs me one of these words is right yeah cuz you know I did not eat all my Reese's Pieces I had help Hey but today the features on the word is you know this is by far my favorite candy this right here is the coffee the coffee line you know one time I did mocha but this is the south giant that I was telling y'all about right it gets stuck in your teeth that's a chewy yeah the chewy junk but it's still good and then we got the green apple Jon right here they're already talked about the green I think that's the best one right there no I reckon was the best I tie all the resin ones I think green apples head yeah but anyways um what we discuss today the discussion the discussion is I'm not I want to kind of talk about why athletes should should not be playing multiple sports in high school in high school in high school in high school talking in high school I'm not talking about literally my middle school I'm talking about high school when it starts counting now you know I hear a lot of coaches are saying that you know the kids are not I do not know it's not good when they do not play multiple sports they're hurting themselves they do not play more than one sport but I feel like if you have this blue chip all-american six-four six-five shooting guard you're not making him run track are we only talking about football players having to play multiple sport is that what it is oh no I do not think so I mean in high school it's not like a 50/50 to I mean if you got a blue chip they better just work on what they what they're going to the college football basketball so you feel like if they are That elite then they just need to stay in that yeah I mean what's why not what's the purpose of going out and doing anything else but what you're Will you go to college did not do it? I guess there's another swing to this is it just about I have fun playing basketball so as a parent do you care if it's just about fun or you know I'm saying it's like well you know fun playing basketball so we let him play basketball too but he's gonna go to college in football that but does that matter to you or you to parent just like Kenny playing basketball are you gonna work on this We're gonna work on football see that's tricky if I was a parent and my son was a blue-chip football player sign to go to Alabama and I wanted to play a basketball I probably would probably let him play basketball yeah there in blue I'll probably would let him play basketball now my only fear would be Tommy I guess in dream people like the stuff you hear her walking off the port yeah but I gotta walk off the porch I do not have to play basketball you know their true feel like well you can get hurt doing anything you think well I do not have to play basketball the stuff that you name it is stuff that I got to do you know it also come down to I mean playing all the multiple sports you might be good at a couple of them yeah right but if you just work at one skill or one sport you can be great at that instead of just being good or okay in a few things I get some kind of torn to because I play I play multiple sports in high school but when I look back when I look back now just I do not know as I have a different perspective just because of what I do now so if I had a I'm training me back then in just football like like wow but would you but would you want to play football back then yeah no because I was good in baseball in basketball but I'm just saying like I do not know it's just I guess that's why I'm saying I'm 5050 I'm 50/50 on it because I never once thought man you know such as recruiting I need to stop playing basketball see I never thought that I did I did but if I could go back I probably would my senior year I would probably play basketball too but I was getting recruited so I'm like I do not want to get injured right so I left that alone and just focused on what I knew I was gonna be doing right oh so y'all I mean we want to hear what y'all think about this because I mean this discussion comes up all the time with our athletes guys that are getting offers and should they continue to play other sports or should they just focus on their sport or or athletes that play multiple sports are they better athletes I think in a shallow statement you can say yes like I'm like like I'm a better athlete if I'm good at football basketball and baseball and you only good and football and basketball you see what I'm saying yeah my skill set runs deeper because you play more and I'm dumb not that I play more cuz I'm good at more it's not about if you play now let's not get back into that you just can you please just cuz you got a dress you do not mean you and me no sport right this might get back in today just cuz you get a pair of cleats do not make you an athlete you're headed in at the right direction though ok let me tell you what a pair of cleats does for you at school it makes you a teammate okay it does not make you an athlete it makes you a teammate alright multiple sports while we talk about these sports I do not know why you think I can not dunk on you okay so now we're going into something else I do not know I do not duck home I I do not know why you keep on saying I do not know why you keep asking if you think no I'm just checking you're not gonna be honest have you heard I lie before you came I got it for hey check out check out out check out Instagram my IG sacrifice training underscore Sam OE and let me know what you think about my vertical and if I've can dunk on me okay whatever you got you got to let me just say this do not y'all y'all do not think I'm a boy oh boy see that now you see do not make me post it but anyways cuz you above the real all I'm saying is that if we in a good game setting and you slide over in the paint to hit play he'll be and I'll take off and you jump and you jump before I jump it matter it does cuz if we jump at the same time meeting it what am i what am i admitting is i admitting that if I jump first, you did not give scenario if you jump see if you jump first you know better what about you go getter first if we jump at the same yeah but you workshop than I got a pass oh we got a surpass you on my way up there cuz you workshop they mean okay so you know so I got a surpass you so gonna have to do some crazy like I can not be hoping that my back has to be turned that kind of agreement in agreement good to let you know what you think of Let us know what you think good shot to put my words together right now too fast too high, yes too much you cut it You would sacrifice you be cool

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