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Samsung Gear Sport Honest Review – Is it better than Gear S3? 2018 Review!


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Watch this “Samsung Gear Sport Honest Review – Is it better than Gear S3? 2018 Review!” video below:

Samsung Gear Sport Review – In this video I’ll quickly review Samsung Gear Sport smart watch and give you my honest opinion about the watch. Gear Sport is a great smart watch for sport activity tracking. I’ll compare Gear sport watch with Gear S3 and give you a real comparison between 2 watches, I mean gear s3 and gear sport, in 2018. I’ll also go over positive and negative aspects of Samsung…..(read more)


  1. Watch works great. When synced with Samsung health it's an awesome motivational tool to keep you going. Love that it makes phone hands free. Everything about this watch has been exceptional… except the battery. Seen reviews saying 5 days or so to charge. Even with all the energy saving precautions, it lasts 2 days tops. Not a deal breaker. All in all, I love it and would buy again.

  2. First part of this video (28 seconds in) you have a side by side with two wathces, what is the app for these two watch faces please? Thank you Ashoo!

  3. If i set navigation from xyz place to xyz place it will show in samsumg gear s3 frontier

    And it has maps application jist like fossile smart watches

    Which smart watch i should buy samsung gear s3 frontier or fossile q explorist?

  4. Ive been looking for a small but still highly functional watch to replace my Pebble Time, this isn't a perfect replacement but it does look promising

  5. I don't think these watches are meant to out do each other the gear sport is targeted to a more active consumer that's why it's smaller and lighter I don't think it's really fair to pin them against each other.

  6. I like gear sport because of its small size, i am enjoying the health tracking on this watch. yes work needs to be done and additionally on the navigation part too. But i think with time most things will improve. Blus the water proofness of this watch is a killer feature. It competes with Garmin.

  7. Nice honest review. Im getting this specifically for hiking, swimmimg and running. Apps really mean nothing to me, especially being a watch, but the design, physical size, UI, battery life and screen quality sold me.

  8. What I don't get it – everyone is saying the GPS and to a lesser extent the heart rate sucks on the Sport, yet most say those are fine on the Fit 2 Pro… which is a lower tier device. How does that work?

  9. I perfer the smaller watch and less likely to move on your wrist as its smaller and lighter. As for hr accuracy the garmin is crap. This and the apple watch has been shown to have the more accurate hr monitoring. But none of these watches are perfect and all have there issues

  10. I just talked with Samsung, and they said that MST for Samsung Pay is coming to the Gear Sport as an upgrade in the future soon. And yeah, there's no speaker to maintain the waterproofing for swimming.

  11. compleatly agree with you my friend actually I received as a gift and I was so disappointed that I compleatly change phone and watch to Apple but I couldn't stand the and Went back to my Samsung . Thank you very much for your videos.

  12. Hi Ashoor, I enjoyed your honest review – I will stick to my Gear S3 for the time being. Strangely enough, I was very interested in Jacob's question. I say "strangely" because we have very little opportunity to ski in South Africa. The best skiing closest to us is in a neighboring country – Lesotho. But I travelled to Dubai and went skiing at Ski Dubai which is in the Mall of Emirates. Imagine skiing when the outside temperature was +42 degrees celius and inside it is -12 degrees celius – it was a great experience! It would have been great to use Ski Pursuit there. So thanks for providing me with this app. Keep the great reviews going.

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